Wine Legacy


To dream of the letter Z is a sign you need to get some rest.


To dream of Zamboni is a sign you need to be more open to new ideas and other people’s opinions.


To dream of a zebra is a sign you are in for an acquisition from an unknown source; dream of a herd of zebras–don’t put all your eggs in one basket; dream of a zebra running–you are trying to get out of a bad relationship.


To dream of being Zen is a sign you feel good about yourself.


To dream you have reached the zenith of your profession is a sign that it is time to change careers; dream of staring into the zenith–you will overcome obstacles to reach your goals.


To dream of zephyrs is a sign you would rather have love than money.

Zeppelin (Dirigible)

To dream of a zeppelin (dirigible) is a sign you have much determination to achieve your goals.


To dream of a zero is a sign you are wasting energy and need to go in a different direction. (Also see Numbers)


To dream of seeing or that you are Zeus is a sign you are in total control of your life.

Zig Zags

To dream of Zig Zags is a sign you are being defensive about something in your life.


To dream of zinc is a sign you will make good progress in every direction you go; dream of tasting zinc–your health could be missing some important vitamins.


To dream of zinnias is a sign you have much joy and many friends in your life.

Zip Code

To dream of seeing a zip code is a sign of your identity and how grounded you feel in your life.

Zip Line/Zip Lining

To dream of a zip line is a sign you need to get a new perspective on a situation in your life; dream you are going to fast on a zip line–don’t let life pass you by; dream you are stuck on a zip line–take a closer look at a situation in your life.

Ziploc Bag

To dream of seeing or using a Ziploc bag is a sign you have some pent up energy to need to let go of.


To dream of a broken or stuck zipper is a sign you will be embarrassed in a social setting; dream you zip the zipper–all those little annoyances will soon go away; dream of unzipping a zipper–you are being more open with others.


To dream about zircons is a sign you need to re-look at your partner and see if this is really the right person for you.


To dream of a zither is a sign you will have a good social life.


To dream you have a zit is a sign you have low self esteem; dream of popping a zit–you have some negative emotions inside that are about to explode.


To dream of the zodiac or study the zodiac is a sign you will have fame and fortune; dream of a particular zodiac sign–look at the traits associated with that sign.


To dream you are a zombie is a sign you are feeling detached from people around you; dream you are attacked by zombies–you have a lot of stress in your life and are feeling that things are beyond your control; dream of someone else as a zombie–your feelings for them are dead and you have no more emotional feelings for them.


To dream of a zoo is a sign that you will be doing a lot of traveling; dream of taking a child to the zoo–your life will be very profitable; dream of the animals escaping from the zoo–you need to express your hidden desires.


To dream of a zookeeper is a sign you are about to lose control of a situation going on in your life.


To dream of zoomorphism (changing into a form of an animal) is a sign you are expressing some new found freedom and independence in your life.