Wine Legacy


To dream of the letter Y is a sign you need to make a decision on something in your life.


To dream about a yacht is a sign money is ready to flow your way; dream of seeing yourself entertaining on a yacht–your greatest hopes will be accomplished.


To dream of a yak/yaks is a sign people rely on you.


To dream of yams is a sign to get a medical check-up and to watch your diet.


To dream of seeing a yantra is a sign your life is very stable and secure.


To dream of a neat and well kept yard is a sign you are very organized at work an in your social life; dream of a messy or unkempt yard–you need to get control of your life; dream of your own front yard–this is how you choose to let others see you.

Yard Sale

To dream of a yard sale is a sign your past experiences are becoming very beneficial to managing your current life.


To dream of a yardstick is a sign you have good judgement.


To dream of seeing or wearing a yarmulke is a sign you are trying to protect yourself from something that is bigger than you are.


To dream of yarn is a sign you are bored with your life, you need a change; dream of black yarn–someone is not doing things the way you think they should, but you need to let them be their self; dream of white yarn–you will go on a short trip; dream of winding yarn into a ball–you will meet some new friends; dream of tangled yarn–you are confused about something going on in your life.


To dream you or someone is yawning is a sign to stop being so negative because it is holding you back, start being more positive and good things will start happening for you.


To dream of a year is a sign that time is passing as you are growing and learning in life.


To dream of a yearbook is a sign you are thinking back on old friends or old flames that you have lost contact with over the years.


To dream you yearn for something or someone is a sign of something missing in your life.


To dream of yeast is a sign you may be coming into a lot of money.


To dream that you or someone is yelling is a sign to let go of the anger you have inside of you; dream you are yelling and no one hears you–you are feeling like you are not being recognized for something; dream of hearing demonic yelling–something in your past is still haunting you.


To dream of the color yellow is a sign things will get worse before they get better.

Yellow Bird

To dream of a yellow bird is a sign you are very positive about your professional life and where it is going.


To dream you are saying “yes” is a sign you are accepting a decision or a situation in your life.


To dream about yesterday is a sign to let go of the past and focus on your future.


To dream of Yeti, also known as an abominable snowman, is a sign to find balance between your rational side and your emotional side.

Yew Tree

To dream of a yew tree is a sign there is some sadness in your life.


To dream you yield to someone is a sign you will give in to others in order to keep peace with everyone; dream of a yield sign–you need to be more flexible in how you approach things in your life.

Yin Yang

To dream of the yin yang is a sign you have balance in your life.


To dream of being at the YMCA is a sign your spiritual and physical self is feeling very empowered.


To dream of seeing or playing with a yo-yo is a sign you will go through some ups and downs in your life.


To dream that you yodel is a sign of a close connection between your mind and your heart; dream you hear yodeling–all will go well especially when it comes to matters of the heart; dream of someone yodeling–your subconscious mind is sending you a message.


To dream you are doing yoga is a sign you have total control over your thoughts and your body.


To dream of seeing or eating yogurt is a sign to behave appropriately to whatever situation you find yourself in.


To dream of a yoke is a sign you don’t want to accept the wishes of others; dream you are yoking an oxen–be sure to take advice from others.


To dream of an egg yolk is a sign you are very creative; dream of beating an egg yolk–an awesome business proposal is coming to you.

Yorkie/Yorkshire Terrier

To dream of a Yorkshire Terrier/Yorkie is a sign to listen more to what others are saying.


To dream of being young is a sign you are being very immature these days; dream of seeing young people–you need to be more playful and carefree.


To dream of seeing yourself is a sign of how you act and behave in real life.


To dream of watching YouTube is a sign of the control you have over what you are thinking.

Yucca Plant/Yucca Tree

To dream of a yucca plant/tree is a sign your mental and spiritual life will be very content.

Yule Log

To dream of a Yule log is a sign positive events are coming your way; dream of burning a Yule log–think realistically and don’t set your sights too high.