To dream of the letter V is a sign of success in your life.


To dream of a vacant lot or piece of property is a sign you are lacking something in your life.


To dream of being on vacation is a sign to re-energize yourself and take a break in your life; dream you are having a bad vacation–you are having troubles dealing with everyday life’s issues.


To dream that you are getting vaccinated is a sign to take better care of yourself; dream someone is getting a vaccination–you are letting others influence what you think.

Vacuum/Vacuuming/Vacuum Cleaner

To dream of a vacuum/vacuum cleaner is a sign you are about to please the opposite sex; dream the vacuum cleaner breaks down–don’t mix business and pleasure, keep the romances out of the work place; dream you are vacuuming–you want to keep up appearances, even though things on the surface look good, deep down they may not be so good.


To dream of your vagina is a sign you have issues with your sexual needs. (Also see Genitals and Sex Organs)


To dream that you are a vagrant is a sign you are trying to escape from what is expected of you; dream of speaking or giving to a vagrant–you are a very generous person.


To dream of a valedictorian is a sign you have set some very high goals for yourself.


To dream you receive a valentine is a sign a friend will disappoint you; dream of sending a valentine–new opportunities are coming; dream of a box of valentines–you may meet up with an old lover.

Valentine’s Day

To dream of Valentine’s Day is a sign your current relationship is doing very good.


To dream that you are a valet is a sign you are always helping others with their goals instead of working on your own goals; dream a valet parks your car–you are putting other people’s goals in front of your own.


To dream you are in a valley is a sign of abundance and the need to be protected; dream of a dark valley–life will be calm and content; dream of a deep valley–a profitable venture is coming your way; dream you are looking over a valley–you have overcome some challenges; dream of walking through a valley–something in your life is coming to an end; dream of a green and lush valley–you will have to work hard for what you want.


To dream of a valve is a sign to remain calm under any pressure you are experiencing.


To dream of a vampire is a sign you are fearful of your future; dream a vampire bites you–you will have an unpleasant encounter; dream of killing a vampire–good times are coming. (Also see Dracula)


To dream of seeing or driving a van is a sign of good news coming your way; dream the van is carrying a household of goods–things are about to change for the better; dream you drive a van into water–you are in for a very emotional time in your life; dream of riding in a van–you may be making a profit very soon.


To dream that you commit vandalism is a sign you are holding back some anger over how you have been treated; dream of witnessing vandalism–you need to be careful how you express your feelings.


To dream of tasting or smelling vanilla is a sign you are very open to an experience that is going on in your life.


To dream that people or things vanish is a sign of your fears and anxieties that people will leave your life and you feel you will be all alone; dream you vanish from someone’s life–you feel unimportant and overlooked; dream someone else is vanishing–you may have lost touch with some aspect of yourself; dream your lover is vanishing–your interest in them is going away.


To dream of a vanity is a sign to prepare for something that is coming into your life.


To dream of vaping is a sign to stop keeping the angry feelings inside, let them go.


To dream of varnish is a sign you are being overly sensitive and you are making it very difficult to be around; dream of dark varnish–a misunderstanding will be cleared up; dream of clear varnish–you will start a new relationship; dream you are varnishing something–you are trying to cover up a mistake, or trying to be something/someone you are not; dream of varnishing a door–you need to have some self control; dream of varnishing floorboards–you will receive some unexpected pleasures.


To dream of a vase is a sign you are open to suggestions from others; dream the vase is ornate, fancy, or expensive–you like to be the center of attention; dream of a vase full of flowers–your finances are about to improve immensely; dream of a glass vase–you are indecisive; dream of a vase made of china–you will have good luck; dream a vase is cracked or broken–is a sign of a forgotten and past love of yours.


To dream of someone having a vasectomy is a sign you are unhappy with your sex life.


To dream of seeing or applying Vaseline is a sign to move on from something or someone who has hurt you.


To dream of a vat is a sign you are not sure about how you are feeling about a relationship in your life.


To dream of the Vatican is a sign you will benefit by what others do for you.


To dream of a vault is a sign people like you the way you are so you don’t be phony; dream someone is vaulting over something–you will have to overcome some challenges to reach your goals. (Also see Bank)


To dream of a VCR is a sign you are trying to remember things from your past that can of benefit to you.


To dream of vegetables is a sign you should work on improving your spiritual life; dream of dried or cooked vegetables–family fights; dream of eating vegetables–you will lose money; dream that vegetables are growing–you are worrying about something; dream of picking vegetables–you will receive much criticism; dream of withered vegetables–you are sad; dream of rotten vegetables–you will be disappointed; dream of a vegetable garden–your hard work will pay off in the end. (Also see individual vegetables for specific meanings)


To dream of being a vegetarian is a sign you are lacking substance in some area of your life.


To dream of vegetation is a sign to overcome some obstacles in your life in order to move forward and become a better person.


To dream of being in a vehicle (car, boat, train, airplane, etc.) is a sign of how much control you have over your life; dream of being thrown from a vehicle–you have a quick temper. Look up the specific vehicle for additional meanings.


To dream of a veil is a sign you will do something against your principles; dream of a mourning veil–you will become very upset. (Also see Wedding)


To dream of your veins is a sign you will be given a challenge to test your character and abilities.


To dream of Velcro is a sign of something you need to get to quickly and easily; dream of Velcro on your shoe–you are looking for a shortcut to success.


To dream of a Velociraptor is a sign you are dwelling on the past. (Also see Dinosaur)

Vending Machine

To dream of a vending machine is a sign to put more time into reaching your goals.

Venetian Blind

To dream of a Venetian blind is a sign to be cautious before you get involved in that new love affair, it could cause some bad gossip.


To dream of venison is a sign to make sure you are not coming across as being conceited, people don’t like that.


To dream of a ventriloquist is a sign of something going on in your life that is affecting you in a very negative way; dream of listening to a ventriloquist–be careful of who you talk to, not everyone can be trusted; dream you are a ventriloquist–a friend is being very disloyal to you.


To dream of Venus is a sign of all the things you feel are very valuable to you.


To dream of sitting on or being on a veranda is a sign your love life troubles will be going away; dream of sleeping on a veranda–be sure to keep your back up against the wall because someone is trying to stab you in the back; dream of flowers on a veranda–you will be getting a nice surprise.


To dream of having vertigo is a sign you lack the confidence you need to be successful.


To dream of a vest is a sign you will be affected by someone who has changed their mind; dream of a silk vest–you need to let go of the past; dream of a white vest–the family will be in agreement; dream of a black vest–something unpleasant is about to happen; dream of a green vest–jealousy among your friends; dream of putting on a vest–you will fight with a loved one.


To dream you are a veterinarian is a sign you will be very successful in business and make a lot of money; dream of visiting a veterinarian–you will make a lasting friendship; dream of a veterinarian treating pets–you will be making a huge career decision.


To dream of seeing or being a vicar is a sign to accept your spiritual needs.


To dream of seeing or being a victim is a sign you are feeling helpless about a situation going on in your life.


To dream of being in the Victorian period is a sign you are unable to fully express yourself; dream of Victorian clothing–you are feeling confined or restricted in what you can do.


To dream of making changes to a video is a sign you want to see your life as being perfect.

Video Camera

To dream of seeing or using a video camera is a sign to be more objective in making decisions; dream of someone else using a video camera–learn from your previous mistakes in making decisions as you move forward in life.

Video Chat

To dream of being on a video chat is a sign you want to make a deeper connection with someone.

Video Game

To dream of playing a video game is a sign you like to manipulate people into doing what you want them to do; dream of being a character in a video game–you feel like you have no control over your actions and are being manipulated by others; dream your real life has turned into a video game–you lack ambition in your life.


To dream of seeing a videotape is a sign to rest and relax from the hectic life you are living; dream of rewinding a videotape–you feel bad about something you did; dream of forwarding the videotape–you want to get away from what’s going on in your life right now.


To dream of a village in the distance is a sign to be careful of that “golden opportunity”, it may not be as good as you think; dream of a seaside village–you will be facing some difficulties; dream of a mountain village–you will have some unexpected gains; dream of a country village–you will be making a big achievement.


To dream of a villain is a sign you feel bad about how negative you being to others.


To dream of a vine in bloom is good luck and you can’t even imagine what is about to happen; dream of a withered vine–relax and slow down; dream of black grapes on a vine–you are very enterprising; dream of white grapes on a vine–you will have some very strong friendships.


To dream of drinking vinegar is a sign you could be getting ill; dream of just seeing vinegar or pouring vinegar–you will be faced with something that is unpleasant to deal with.


To dream of a vineyard is a sign that hard work always pays off.


To dream of vinyl is a sign you are being fake; dream of wearing vinyl–some things going on in your life are restricting you from doing what you want. (Also see Record)


To dream that you have been violated is a sign you have no power of the direction life is going, don’t blame yourself because sometimes things are out of your control.


To dream of violence is a sign you need more discipline in your life to control your anger and your rage; dream the violence is directed to you–you are feeling guilty and helpless about something in your life; dream the violence is directed to others–you are struggling with something that is going on inside of you.


To dream of violets is a sign you have a tendency to be shy and stay in the background when around people.


To dream of seeing or hearing a violin is a sign you have harmony in your life; dream a violin is out of tune or has a broken string–you may have a disagreement with your partner; dream of playing a violin–you will be recognized for the work you have done.


To dream of a virgin is a sign of happiness; dream of a dead virgin–you have problems at work; dream of getting into a relationship with a virgin–fortune will be coming to everything you do; dream you are a virgin–you are being very naïve about something; dream you are losing your virginity–you are looking for more intimacy in your life.

Virgin Mary

To dream of the Virgin Mary is a sign to be very careful with your confidence.


To dream of Virgo is a sign you want things to be perfect.


To dream of having a virus of something going on in your body that you need to take care of; dream of a computer virus–you can’t control something going on in your life.


To dream you are visiting is a sign that flattery you are receiving will go to your head, be careful.


To dream of receiving visitor(s) is a sign you are being unjust somewhere along the line.


To dream of vitamins is a sign to stand up for yourself and take charge of your life.


To dream of hearing voice(s) is a sign to speak your mind; dream you don’t have a voice (are voiceless)–you can’t speak or stand up for yourself.

Voice Mail

To dream that you have voice mail is a sign not to overlook an important message that has been given to you.


To dream of being voiceless is a sign you are afraid to let others know how you feel.


To dream of a volcano erupting is a sign you do not want to deal with a dangerous situation; dream of seeing a volcano with smoke coming out of it–be careful of a passionate love affair you are about to get involved in; dream of an active volcano–don’t make any changes in your life for the time being; dream of hot lava–your social life will soon be very exciting, but be careful not to spend too much money.


To dream of watching or playing volleyball is a sign to rely on others instead of doing everything yourself, teamwork is important.


To dream of the volume being to loud is a sign you are trying too hard to convince others of your thoughts; dream of turning the volume down–you don’t want to accept what your inner voice is telling you to do; dream the volume is too low–pay closer attention to what others are saying or you may miss out; dream of turning the volume up–people are not listening to what you have to say. (Also see Noise or Sound)


To dream of being a volunteer is a sign you like to help others and don’t ask for anything in return.


To dream you are vomiting is a sign you need to confront and let go of some of your emotions; dream of someone else vomiting–people are trying to take advantage of you.


To dream of practicing voodoo is a sign to get rid of some negative energy; dream of a voodoo doll–you have some undeveloped aspects of yourself.


To dream you are in the path of a vortex is a sign something negative is about to happen in your life.


To dream that you vote is a sign you lack self-confidence, so try to be more assertive, no one is better than you are. (Also see Election and Government)

Voting Booth

To dream of a voting booth is a sign you want to help make some major changes in your community.


To dream of a wedding vow is a sign that a happy solution to your problems is on the way. (Also see Wedding)


To dream of a vulture(s) flying is a sign of a love rival; dream vultures are eating–good things coming your way; dream of killing a vulture–take control of your life.