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To dream of letter U is a sign to do something over again, you need to restart something.


To dream of making a u-turn is a sign you want to change the direction your life is heading in; dream of a no u-turn sign–you can not undo the choices you have made in your life so far.


To dream of a UFO is a sign you are feeling alienated from those around you. (Also see Spaceship)


To dream that you or someone is ugly is a sign you are feeling rejected.


To dream of a ukulele is a sign you need to relax more.


To dream that you or someone has an ulcer is a sign to stop worrying about things that are out of your control.


To dream of getting an ultrasound is a sign of something new starting in your life.

Umbilical Cord

To dream of an umbilical cord is a sign you are scared of being on your own and being responsible for yourself; dream of cutting an umbilical cord–you need to start standing on your own two feet and stop relying on others.


To dream of an umbrella is a sign you are feeling very secure with yourself; dream an umbrella is torn or turned inside out–your goals will suffer some delays; dream of buying an umbrella–money matters are good; dream of losing an umbrella–you will have a disagreement at work; dream you can’t open the umbrella in the rain–you are coming to grips with your own feelings.  (Also See Parasol)


To dream of an umpire is a sign you are not playing fairly in something going on in your life; dream an umpire calls you out–you are feeling guilty about something.


To dream of an uncle is a sign of new ideas; dream your dead uncle calls you and tells you he is digging graves–there is a family secret that needs to be uncovered. (Also see Family)


To dream you are unconscious is a sign you are feeling helpless about a situation going on in your life; dream of someone else in an unconscious state–news of an illness is coming your way.


To dream of seeing the undead is a sign you have some fears to get over; dream of the undead chasing you or all around you–you have some unresolved issues that need to be dealt with; dream you are undead–you have a hard time expressing your feelings.


See Armpit


To dream of an undertaker or being an undertaker is a sign something new is about to happen in your life.


To dream of seeing yourself undressed or undressing is a sign to be more open about your true feelings; dream you see someone else undressed or undressing–you need to be more aware of other people’s feelings; dream of being undressed in public–you need to get some rest.


To dream of being unfaithful is a sign that temptation is around you, be careful; dream of someone being unfaithful to you–they will soon show you their devotion.


To dream that you are unfriending someone is a sign you may be drifting apart from some friends; dream you have been unfriended by someone–you feel like you have been betrayed.


See Sad


To dream of a unicorn is a sign you are facing issues with people you once trusted.


See Faceless


To dream of a man wearing a uniform is a sign that his status is going to be improving; dream of a woman wearing a uniform–her love life is going to be good; dream of seeing yourself in a uniform–you want to belong to something; dream of a nurse’s uniform–is a sign of compassion and cleanliness.


To dream of going to a university is a sign to stop being so moody, get yourself out of that funk; dream you apply to get into a university–you are feeling very strong willed; dream of working at a university–you will find happiness; dream of graduating from a university–you will be given some new challenges in your life. (Also see College)


To dream of an unknown person is a sign there is a part of yourself that is repressed and hidden; dream of an unknown place–a change is about to happen in your life.


See Angry or Stress/Stressed


To dream of a urinal is a sign you are having troubles in your personal relationship.  (Also See Toilet)


To dream of urine is a sign you have a bad attitude; dream you are urinating–you are facing some very difficult issues; dream of urinating in the street–you are feeling guilty about something in your past; dream of urinating or wetting the bed–money is coming your way; dream of a child wetting him/herself–you and your partner will be fighting; dream someone is urinating on you–someone you know is dumping all their emotional burdens on to you.


To dream of an urn is a sign you are feeling very exhausted; dream of an urn made of wood–you will be very prosperous; dream of a china urn–you have been talking too much lately; dream of an urn full of ashes–you are not very excited about a new project you are involved in; dream of a broken urn–you are trying to get over your shyness.


To dream of an usher at a wedding is a sign you will meet new people that will be of much help in your future.


To dream of utensils is a sign you are always willing to help other people.


To dream of a uterus is a sign you want to have children.


To dream about utopia is a sign you are looking for an escape from your daily life.