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To dream of the letter R is a sign you need some much needed rest.


To dream of a rabbi is a sign you are confirming your faith and beliefs; dream of a rabbi and you are Jewish–you will prosper through your own efforts; dream of a rabbi and you are not Jewish–your friends will help you to achieve your ambitions; dream you are a rabbi–your financial future looks very good.


To dream of a rabbit(s) are a sign of good luck and fertility; dream of a group of rabbits–a pleasant new responsibility is coming; dream of rabbits running towards you–you will receive a visit from a good friend; if you are a single female and dream of a rabbit–you will soon meet your future husband; dream of a rabbit being chased–you will be facing some serious risks in your life.


To dream of rabies is a sign that a good friend is trying to undermine you so be sure to get to the bottom of the problem before it is too late.


To dream of a raccoon is a sign you will make a lot of money with a new hobby or talent.


To dream you are running a race is a sign you will receive an unexpected offer; dream of watching a race–you will be successful; dream you win a race–you will overcome challenges to reach your goals; dream you lose a race–you may be setting your goals too high; dream of a race course–things around you will be new.

Race Car

To dream of a race car is a sign you are a very competitive person and always want to win; dream you are driving a race car–you like living life in the fast lane.

Race Horse

To dream of a race horse is a sign to watch your finances.


To dream of a racetrack is a sign you like that fast pace living and feel a need to always being moving ahead in life.


To dream of hearing racket going on is a sign you have a tendency to be outspoken. (Also see Noise)


To dream of a radiator being on is a sign you will be tense for awhile; dream the radiator is turned off–you will discover a bad secret; dream of a car radiator–don’t be too hasty, be sure to cool down; dream of a leaking radiator–a new arrival is coming .


To dream of listening to the radio is a sign you will have a nice meeting with someone soon; dream of turning off the radio–you are feeling uneasy with your partner; dream of buying a radio–you will be criticized for something you did.


To dream something is radioactive is a sign your feelings are creating negativity in your life, you need to work on these feelings to turn your life around.


To dream of radishes is a sign you are about to be very successful; dream of eating radishes–you will have some competition to deal with.


To dream of radium is a sign you will have lots of money but will still be very unhappy.


To dream of winning a raffle is a sign you are very lucky right now; dream of losing a raffle–an event you had scheduled will be canceled; dream you are raffling an item–you need to be more giving.


To dream of floating on a raft is a warning sign not to be lazy because someone else will benefit from it instead of you; dream you build a raft–you will be successful from your own efforts; dream you are white water rafting–you are going through some tough times right now.


To dream that you are in a rage is a sign you could lose a close friend; dream someone else is in a rage–you could be in for a change in your life.


To dream of clean rags is a sign you will be prosperous; dream of dirty rags–be careful of who you are friends with; dream you are wearing rags–you don’t feel very good about yourself.


To dream of holding onto a railing is a sign not to be scared to ask for help when you need it.


To dream of a railway is a sign your social life is going great; dream of an underground railway–something or someone is getting in your way; dream of a rail crash–a plan you are working on is going to go wrong.

Railway Station

To dream of arriving or leaving a railway station is a sign you are waiting to hear the results about something you did at work.  (Also see Train Station)


To dream that you are out in the rain is a sign you are about to end a failing relationship; dream you get drenched in a heavy rain storm–money is coming to you; dream of watching it rain from your window–fortune and love in your future.


To dream of a rainbow is a sign that good things are coming your way.


To dream of wearing a raincoat is a sign you will be anxious for a while; dream of taking off a raincoat–gossip is around you; dream of buying a raincoat–you will receive some money; dream you lose a raincoat–you will be successful.


To dream of raisins is a sign you will be spending money faster than you can earn it.


To dream of using a rake is a sign you will have to do the project yourself if you want to see it completed; dream of a metal rake–you are working very hard; dream of a wooden rake–you will be caught in an uncomfortable situation; dream someone else is raking–you are taking advantage of the situation at hand; dream of stepping on a rake–you will receive an awesome surprise; dream you rake over something–you will be part of a family celebration.


To dream of a ram is a sign it is time to stand up for yourself, stop letting people walk all over you.


See Run/Running


To dream of being raped is a sign you have some resentment toward the opposite sex, you feel like you have been violated or taken advantage of at some time in your life, you lack self-esteem.


To dream of raspberries is a sign you are involved in a very delicate matter.


To dream of rats is a sign that a lot of little problems are in store for you; if you are in love and dream of rats–someone is bound to take away your heart’s desire; if you are married and dream of rats–your friends will upset you.


To dream of a baby’s rattle is a sign that life begins at an older age in life, say around your 40’s or older; dream of hearing a rattle–you need to tend to an issue going on in your life.


To dream of a rattlesnake is a sign you will be let down by someone you care about; dream a rattlesnake bites you–be prepared for a fight.


To dream of a ravine is a sign you feel a need to be protected.


To dream of seeing or eating something raw is a sign you are ready to try some new experiences.


To dream of a razor is a sign you will need help to figure out a problem going on; dream of an electric razor–be more careful; dream of a broken razor–you are hiding your pain; dream of a blunt razor–you are confused by a loved one; dream you cut your throat with a razor–you are feeling very calm with yourself; dream of buying a razor–you need to confront the problems with you and your partner; dream of shaving with a razor–you are tired of putting up with a situation going on and need to fix it; dream of sharpening a razor–stop being so mean to people.

Razor Blade

To dream of seeing or using a razor blade is a sign you are very precise and accurate in things you do in your life; dream of finding a razor blade in your food–some hurtful remarks you have made are back to bite you in the butt.

RC Car

To dream of seeing or playing with an RC car is a sign you have the ability to make quick decisions.


To dream of reaching for something or someone is a sign you have a void in your life that needs to be filled.


To dream of reading is a sign you are about to make some progress;  dream of reading aloud–you will receive some help from someone you don’t know; dream you hear someone else reading–you will have peace of mind; dream of reading an agreement but refuse to sign it–some friends will be cheating on you; dream of reading something printed–troubles will soon be over; dream of reading a newspaper–distant events are working in your favor; dream of reading something printed–your troubles will soon be over; dream of reading an epitaph–your problems aren’t as bad as they seem.

Real Estate

See Property


To dream about getting or giving a receipt is a sign that good times are soon to come your way.


To dream of going to a reception is a sign romantic excitement is coming your way; dream of holding a reception–you will do well in business and in money; dream a reception is held in your honor–something out of the ordinary is about to happen to you.


To dream of a recipe is a sign you need to have a good balance between work and play in order to have a good life; dream of dessert recipes–you need to have more fun in life; dream of recipes for preparing meat–you are not feeling emotionally or physically satisfied; dream of giving someone a recipe–you are not easily upset in a crisis.


To dream of seeing or listening to a record is a sign you need to hear from both parties before making a decision; dream of buying a record–your confidence needs a boost; dream of a record on a turntable–your love life could be in trouble; dream of winning or breaking a world record–you need to fight hard for your independence, but you will get there.

Record Player

To dream of a record player is a sign you are unable to make a decision about a problem in your life; dream the record player is broken–you have stopped doing that bad habit of your.

Recording Studio

To dream of a recording studio is a sign you need to listen to the message being told to you and implement it into your daily life.

Recurring Dreams

To have recurring dreams is a sign you have unresolved issues in your life.


To dream of the color red is a sign to keep your temper under control, or it could mean you are feeling very tired and lack energy in your life.

Red Carpet

To dream of a red carpet is a sign you are ready to have some fun; dream of walking on a red carpet–you want to be admired and acknowledged for your accomplishments.

Red Cross

To dream of the Red Cross is a sign you need some help so don’t be afraid to ask for that help.


To dream of reeds is a sign you need to be careful of a friend, they can’t be trusted.


To dream of your own reflection is a sign of your true self, your flaws and your positive outlook, so learn from your flaws and celebrate your positive side; dream of someone or something else in the reflection–you are not sure about who you are anymore.  (Also See Mirror)


To dream of a reflector on a bike is a sign you need to be more reliable with the people you care about.


To dream of putting food in a refrigerator is a sign your prosperity will improve; dream of taking food out of the refrigerator–you will have some unexpected company.


To dream of a refugee is a sign you need to put other people’s needs before your own; dream you are a refugee–a past favor is about to be rewarded.


To dream that you are refusing something is a sign you are in denial about something going on in your life, consider what you are refusing.


To dream of a reindeer is a sign that you will find something that has been missing, or you will find something you thought was junk turns out to be very valuable.


To dream you are rejected is a sign you lack self confidence; dream you are rejected by a lover–you are not accepting some of your own personality; dream you are rejecting something–there is something in your life you want to go away.


To dream of relationships is a sign of what is actually going on in your real life; dream of a relationship with a stranger–is showing different aspects of your personality; dream of falling in love–you are about to hear from someone that they love you.


To dream of relatives is a sign of family issues and feelings you see in yourself.


To dream of a relic is a sign you are feeling guilty about something in your past; dream of a religious relic–you are a very down to earth type of a person.


If religion is the main theme of your dream you will have much needed peace of mind.

  • Abbey:  is a good omen; see a ruined abbey–unexpected good luck.
  • Altar:  could come across some lost money; kneeling at an altar–a secret desire will be yours; decorating an altar–you are in for a long trip; dream an altar is being built–money is coming your way.
  • Angel:  is a very good sign and indicates other people’s respect; see yourself among angels–you will have a happy life with many trusted friends.
  • Baptism:  unforeseen instances will be of disappointment to you, however new opportunities are about to open up for you; seeing a child baptized–sign of great joy.
  • Bible:  something good that you have done will be rewarded; swearing an oath on a bible–you must assert yourself.
  • Chapel:  you will soon be happy.
  • Church:  seen from the outside is good omen; go inside and you have worries but will all turn out just fine.
  • Cross:  wooden cross-you are in for a surprise; gold cross–bosses are talking good things about you; other crosses–comfort and security.
  • Islam:  you need to straighten out your life and get in under control
  • Jesus:  your goals will become true, and you will be helped through hard times and adversity that you face in your life; dream Jesus speaks to you or you pray with him–you will be pleased with joy and peace of mind.
  • Nun:  you are successful, but don’t brag about it.
  • Pastor: you are having guilt feelings and need some advice and guidance.
  • Preacher: you want others to believe in your ideas or you are having feelings of guilt and need to be punished.
  • Priest: you are looking for someone to help and guide you in the right direction.
  • Rosary:  you are being supported by someone of importance; buy a rosary–have high expectations for a new project.
  • Sermon:  inside a church and a project will have delays; deliver a sermon–suspicions about someone are unjustified.


To dream you are collecting rent is a sign that money is tight; dream of paying rent–you will soon be unhappy; dream you can’t afford to pay your rent–a pleasant surprise is coming to you.


To dream of repairing something is a sign you are working on getting over a difficult situation.


To dream of a repairman is a sign you are healing from an emotional situation.


To dream that you rescue someone is a sign you will achieve sudden success; dream you see yourself being rescued–don’t be afraid to ask for help; dream of rescuing someone from drowning–you have successfully acknowledged some emotions you have been feeling.


To dream of a full reservoir is a sign that money is coming your way; dream of an empty reservoir–times will be hard for awhile; dream a reservoir is filling up–new opportunities are coming your way.


To dream that you resign from your job or a position is a sign that you will be going through some major changes in your life.


To dream of eating in a restaurant is a sign you will receive an attractive offer; dream of seeing a restaurant in town–someone has a secret; dream of seeing a restaurant in the country–problems are coming your way; dream of a crowded restaurant–troubles with your partner; dream of an empty restaurant–watch out for your partners behavior.


See Bathroom


To dream that you or someone is resurrected from the dead is a sign that you will overcome your obstacles to achieve your goals.


To dream you resuscitate someone is a sign you have conquered some of your fears and anxieties; dream you are being resuscitated–you need some help because you are emotionally exhausted.


To dream you are retiring or retire from work or have reached retirement age is a sign a lot of problems and hard work are coming your way.


To dream of a reunion with someone is a sign you will receive the help you need; dream you are attending a reunion–feelings from your past need to be figured out.


To dream of taking revenge is a sign your love life is in for a rocky ride; dream someone is taking revenge on you–you will have problems at work.


To dream of a theatrical review is a sign someone from far away will visit you; dream of a military review–you are at your creative best; dream of a naval review–good news is coming.


To dream you are part of a revolution is a sign you have some emotional issues going on inside you that need to be resolved.


To dream of something revolving, like a door, is a sign you need to make a change, you are in a rut.  (Also See Spinning)


To dream of receiving a reward is a sign you will be very lucky; dream of offering a reward–don’t be content with what is going on.


To dream of rhinos is a sign to be sure to complete any obligations you have going on; dream of a rhino in a zoo–you have immense sexual attraction and will be fighting off the opposite sex.


To dream of rhubarb growing is a sign you will meet some new friends; dream of eating or cooking rhubarb–you are unhappy at work and may want to make a change.


To dream of a ribbon is a sign you make friends very easily; dream of a pink ribbon–you will complete a long term project; dream of a silver ribbon–you are getting overly excited; dream you tie a bow with ribbon–you will have success at work; dream of a blue ribbon–you are the best at what you do; dream of a yellow ribbon–a loved one returns from the military; dream of a red ribbon–you are aware of the AIDS epidemic


To dream of eating rice is a sign that romance is in the air; dream of cooking rice–something you thought was impossible will become very easy; dream of picking rice–business will be profitable; dream of throwing rice at a wedding–you will receive some good news.


To dream that you are riding an animal or a vehicle is a sign of the direction you are taking in your life; dream of riding away–you need to put some space between you and a problem you have been dealing with.


To dream of a right turn or anything on the right side is a sign you need to let your conscience be your guide because you will be caught between your pleasures and your principles; dream of being right handed–legal matters will go well.


To dream of losing a ring is a sign your relationship is on shaky grounds; dream of taking off a ring–your love problems will not last very long; dream you receive a ring–your evening will be filled with passion; dream of putting a ring on–you will be getting married or going to a wedding; dream you receive a diamond ring–you have love and dedication in your relationship; dream you lose a diamond ring–there are problems in your relationship.


To dream of a ringmaster or that you are a ringmaster is a sign you want order in your life.


To dream of church bells ringing is a sign you are very anxious; dream you are ringing the church bells–you will make a lasting friendship.


To dream of a roller skating rink is a sign a friend will disappoint you; dream of an ice skating rink–you will be invited to a social event.


To dream of seeing a riot is a sign you need to cut back on spending or you need to stand up for what you believe in.


To dream of something being ripped is a sign you are upset with a situation going on in your life.


To dream you are rising from the ground is a sign you will beat your opponents; dream of rising from a chair–you will be upset for awhile; dream of rising from a couch or a bench–you will have to deal with some obstacles; dream something is rising into the air–you will receive some unexpected wealth; dream you are rising to a high position–you will be very successful.


To dream of taking a risk is a sign you are standing up to your fears.


To dream of a ritual is a sign you need to break a habit you keep repeating over and over again.


To dream you are a rival is a sign you need to be more aggressive; dream you are beaten by a rival–you need to face up to your responsibilities.


To dream of a slow-flowing clean river is a sign of good fortune coming your way; dream of a rushing or muddy river–trouble is coming; dream of falling in the river–danger is coming; dream of bathing in a river–money is coming to you; dream of swimming across the river–your hopes will come true; dream of a clear and calm river–you need to make a decision about what direction your life is going in, stop being so indecisive.


To dream of a rivet and you are a woman is a sign your partner is being too possessive; dream of a rivet and you are a man–you need some professional advice when it comes to your love life.


To dream of roaches is a sign you need to re-evaluate a major part of your life, and need some self cleaning.


To dream of a straight and broad road is a sign you will have good and steady progress in your life; dream of a bumpy, narrow, or twisting road–you will have obstacles to overcome in your life; dream of a road sign–some small and pleasant changes are coming your way; dream of a road bordered by trees or flowers–you will have a steady progress in your social life; dream of a threatening creature in the road–you have some obstacles that you need to overcome. (Also see Highway or Street)


To dream of carving or serving a roast is a sign of a family celebration; dream of eating a roast–good luck is coming your way.


To dream of a robber is a sign you are falling deeply in love with someone who isn’t worth your affection so try not to be foolish.


To dream of taking part in a robbery is a sign you suffer from a lack of control; dream of organizing a robbery–you need to resolve a major inner conflict immediately; dream you are a victim of a robbery–unexpected gain is in your future.


To dream of seeing or wearing a robe is a sign of some personal issues that you need to confront in your life.


To dream about a robin is a sign that something new is about to start in your life.

Robin Hood

To dream of seeing or being Robin Hood is a sign you are a compassionate and charitable person.


To dream of a rock(s) is a sign you will receive a promotion at work; dream you move a rock–you are feeling a little gloomy these days; dream of breaking a rock–you are feeling lifeless, you need to cheer up; dream of climbing a rock–your dreams will be fulfilled; dream of falling off a rock–you will lose a friend.


To dream of a rocket is a sign of short lived success; dream of seeing a rocket explode–family fortune is coming.


To dream you or someone is rocking is a sign you have a very childlike way about you.

Rocking Chair

To dream of a rocking chair is a sign you will gain from other people’s hard work.

Rocking Horse

To dream of a rocking horse is a good sign for all your personal interests.


To dream of a rod is a sign your determination will get you what you want; dream of a steel rod–you will be unhappy; dream of brass rods–someone is being unfaithful to you.


To dream you roll downstairs or down a hill is a sign you are feeling a little frustrated; dream you are rolling in mud–you are telling your problems to others and that isn’t fair to them; dream of rolling something like a barrel–you have to deal with some family problems for awhile.

Roller Blades

To dream of wearing roller blades is a sign you are moving very fast in your life.

Roller Coaster

To dream of a roller coaster is a sign you will go through many ups and downs in your life.

Roller Derby

To dream of watching or being in the roller derby is a sign you need to do whatever it takes to reach your goals.

Roller Skates

To dream of wearing roller skates is a sign you will eventually reach your goals; dream of seeing or buying roller skates–you need to find some balance in your life; dream of someone on roller skates–you need to confront someone about a problem that has been bothering you.  (Also See Skating)

Rolling Credits

To dream of rolling credits is a sign you will rewarded for doing a good job at work; dream of seeing your name on the rolling credits–you are confident in achieving your goals.

Rolling Pin

To dream of seeing or using a rolling pin is a sign you are feeling very excited about a new project in your life; dream of using a rolling pin as a weapon–you are about to lose your temper.

Rolls Royce

To dream of a Rolls Royce luxury car is a sign you will receive an offer you can’t refuse.


To dream of romance is a sign you are looking for more affection in your life.


To dream of a roof is a sign you are protecting or sheltering your beliefs; dream of tiled roof–you will be very happy; dream of being on top of a roof–you will have much success; dream of falling off or climbing off a roof–your success may be temporary; dream of a roof falling–your high ideals are crashing down on you; dream of a thatched roof–you will be disappointed in romance; dream the roof is leaking–someone is trying to force their opinions onto you; dream the roofs are falling away from you as you cross from rooftop to rooftop–there is no turning back in reaching your goals.


To dream that you are in a room is a sign of something specific about yourself or a relationship; dream of finding a new room–you are finding new strengths inside of yourself; dream of a welcoming or comfortable room–you are very satisfied with your life; dream of a dark or confined room–you are feeling trapped about a situation going on in your life; dream of an empty white room–a new start is about to begin; dream of a yellow room–you need to stimulate your mind, it is getting stale; dream of a dirty or messy room–there is something about yourself that you are ashamed of.  (Also see specific rooms for more information)


To dream of an old roommate is a sign there is a lesson you need to acknowledge from that old relationship with your roommate and apply it to a current situation in your life; dream of your current roommate–you have some issues with that person you need to deal with; dream you are looking for a roommate–you are ready for some changes in your life; dream you have roommates when you really don’t–you are looking for a friend or companion that you can share your feelings with.


To dream of a rooster is a sign you or someone is being a show off; dream of hearing a rooster–you are bragging about something; dream of roosters fighting–you are involved in a bitter rivalry. (Also see Cock)


To dream of the root(s) of a plant or tree is a sign you need to be more assertive or someone else will benefit from the hard work you have been doing; dream of pulling up roots–you are ready to let go of your past; dream of the root of a tooth–there will be some family problems.

Root Beer

To dream of seeing or drinking root beer is a sign you are feeling very happy with your life.


To dream of a rope is a sign you have a very close connection to the people you know; dream of a coiled rope–you will finish a tough task you have been working on; dream you uncoil the rope–you will start a new chapter in your life; dream of walking on a rope–it is a good time to have fun and dance around; dream of climbing a rope–is a good sign you will be successful; dream of climbing down a rope–you are in for some disappointments; dream of a rope fence–you are being deceived; dream of a rope ladder–you will be successful in business; dream you are tied up in ropes–be sure to think with your head not your heart. (Also see Lasso)


To dream of a rosary is a sign you are being supported by someone of importance; dream of buying a rosary–have high expectations for a new project.


To dream of roses is a sign of much happiness and joy in your life; dream of red roses–you have much love and romance in your life; dream of white roses–you have a secret in your life; dream of yellow roses–you have many friends in your life; dream of a pink rose–a new romance is coming your way; dream of picking a rose–you will have much happiness in your life; dream of giving a rose(s) to someone–someone loves you very much; dream of receiving a rose(s)–your social life will be very successful; dream of a withered rose–there will be an end of a relationship; dream of smelling a rose–you need to slow down and enjoy your life; dream of thorny roses–you have some difficulties in your relationship you need to deal with; dream of burning roses–you are a very passionate person.

Rose Garden

To dream of a rose garden is a sign you are very happy with your life.


To dream of a rosebush is a sign you are involved in a sticky situation.


To dream of rosemary is a sign there is sadness in your life.


To dream you are someone is wearing rosettes is a sign you are missing out on many opportunities in your life.


See Spinning


To dream something is rotten is a sign you have not taken advantage of the opportunities that have been presented to you; dream food is rotten–you need to take care of your emotional needs. (Also see Spoiled)


To dream of playing roulette is a sign you are ready to take some chances to reach your goals.

Round Table

To dream of a round table is a sign you are just as good as anyone else.


To dream of rowing something is a sign you are making things more difficult to reach your goals in life.


To dream of a rowboat is a sign you are a very hard worker.


To dream of a member of royalty is a sign you will have financial success; dream of a member of royalty being at the palace–you will be very lucky. (Also see King, Queen, Prince, Princess)


To dream of rubber is a sign you worries will soon disappear; dream you are hit with a rubber object–you could care less about what is going on around you or what other people are saying about you.

Rubber Band

To dream of seeing or using a rubber band is a sign you need to be more accepting of others; dream a rubber band snaps–you have overextended yourself in too many different ways, or someone is going to ask for your help.  (Also See Elastic)

Rubber Chicken

To dream of a rubber chicken is a sign you need to lighten up and have some fun.

Rubber Duck

To dream of a rubber duck is a sign your emotions are very child like.

Rubber Gloves

To dream of rubber gloves is a sign you have an important decision to make.


To dream of a ruby is a sign that you need to cautious in your love life; dream of ruby slippers–you need to explore your spirituality.


To dream of a rudder is a sign of complete confidence in yourself; dream of a broken rudder–don’t travel unless you have to.


To dream of ancient ruins is a sign that conditions are about to improve in your life; dream of something new being ruined–you will receive some unhappy news.


To dream of measuring with a ruler is a sign you need to be very particular with your plans in order to get where you want to go.


To dream of running is a sign you are trying to get away from a complicated situation; dream you are unable to run–you lack confidence, try to be more assertive; dream you are running scared–you will be cut off from things you like; dream you are running to catch something–good fortune is coming to you; dream you are running away from something or someone–you are avoiding an issue in your life that you do not want to take responsibility for; dream you are running from an attacker or some danger–you don’t want to face your fears; dream you are running with someone–you are being very cooperative; dream you were ran over by a car/bus or almost hit–your beliefs and goals are in major conflict with others.


To dream that you are in a rush is a sign you need to work on your time management, because you never have time to get everything done, or time for yourself.


To dream of seeing rust is a sign you will make an unexpected profit.


To dream of an RV is a sign you need to enjoy life to the fullest.

Rye Bread

To dream of rye bread is a sign you will meet a new friend.