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To dream of the letter Q is a sign you are waiting for something to tell you to make your next move in your life.


To dream of hearing a quack or quacking is a sign someone is trying to take credit for something they did not do.


To dream of a quadrangle courtyard is a sign your troubles are coming to an end.


To dream of dancing a quadrille is a sign you don’t want to be free of the relationship you are in.


To dream of quadruplets is a sign that after the chaos in your life you will have calmness.


To dream of quads is a sign you are in for some big troubles but they will be short lived.


To dream of being in a quagmire is a sign you are unable to achieve your goals.


To dream of a quail is a sign the hardships in your life will go away; dream of eating a quail–you are very remorseful.


To dream of a quake is a sign you must accept some changes coming your way in either a job change or a relationship change, but be assured it is for the best.


To dream of a Quaker is a sign you are committed; dream you are a Quaker–time to be more independent.


To dream of being in quarantine is a sign not to be afraid to ask for help; dream you are placed in quarantine–you need to put some distance between you and others so that no one gets hurt.


To dream of a quarrel is a sign of stress in your life; dream of hearing quarreling–you are not happy with something going on in your life.


To dream of a quarry is a sign that you don’t have time to rest right now because there is a lot of work to be done; dream of a stone quarry–travel is in the future; dream of a chalk quarry–you will have some money troubles.


To dream of seeing or finding a quarter is a sign you are still trying to find yourself.


To dream of a string quartet is a sign that you need to make that decision you have been putting off; dream you are in a quartet–you need support at work; dream you cannot join a quartet–you may not be able to finish something you have started.


To dream of seeing quartz is a sign that all your energies have come together as one.


To dream of ships docked on a quay is a sign you will be traveling soon; dream you are on a quay–you will be starting a new phase in your life; dream of an empty quay–be sure not to be too lazy or will face some disappointments.


To dream of a queen sitting on her throne is a sign that business will be exploding; dream you are queen–you need to listen to what others are saying; dream of seeing a queen waving from her balcony–you receive some news from a distance; dream of seeing a queen in her carriage–don’t lust for fame or power it will make you look bad in other people’s eyes; dream of a queen in a deck of cards–you are being over confident; dream of a queen bee–you are in good health. (Also see Royalty)

Queen of Hearts

To dream of the queen of hearts is a sign you have a pompous and arrogant attitude.


To dream of being on a quest is a sign you will face some challenges and obstacles in order to reach your goals.


To dream that you question something is a sign you are feeling some self doubt; dream someone is asking you a question–you need to share your knowledge with others.


To dream of filling out a questionnaire is a sign that irritating delays will get in your way.


To dream of waiting in a queue is a sign you will receive some good advice from a family member; dream of seeing a queue–an important event will turn out to be very good. (Also see Line)


To dream of sinking in quicksand is a sign not to meddle in other people’s affairs; dream of pulling someone out of quicksand–you will receive an increase in salary.


To dream of seeing quicksilver is a sign to keep your temper under control.


To dream of it being very quiet is a sign to take some time for yourself.


To dream of seeing or using a quill is a sign you will be very successful; dream of putting a quill in your hat–you are a flirtatious person.


To dream of a luxury quilt is a sign of much prosperity to come into your life; dream of a patchwork quilt–your love life is going very well; dream of a soiled quilt–you need to be more aware of your outward appearance.


To dream of taking quinine is a sign that old habits or old friends are keeping you from moving forward in your life.


To dream of you or someone having quinsy is a sign you are unable to fully express your feelings.


To dream of quintuplets is a sign of all five of your senses working together at the same time.


To dream of a quiver full of arrows is a sign you need to focus on your goals. (Also see Shiver)


To dream of passing a quiz is a sign all your hopes will be fulfilled; dream of failing a quiz–is a warning your ambitions are aimed too high and you should try something else; dream of taking a quiz–you have fears of failure.


To dream of playing quoits is a sign to focus on the goals you want to accomplish.


To dream of reaching a quota is a sign you are feeling anxious about what others expect from you.


To dream of quoting something or someone is a sign to listen more; dream of a price quote–you have set a certain value on your goals and accomplishments.