To dream of the letter O is a sign that something will surprise you.

Oak Tree

To dream of an oak tree is a sign of money; dream of seeing an oak tree cut down–deception is in the air.


To dream of oars is a sign need to take care of something of importance right away; dream of losing the oars overboard–your relationship could be damaged by the arrival of some bad news; dream of broken oars–others will be of help; dream you are paddling with an oar–you need some help with something going on in your life because you are getting nowhere.


To dream of an oasis is a sign you will have much success with a venture and have a lot to look forward to; dream you are looking for an oasis–you are looking for some help to overcome some fears.


To dream of hearing or taking an oath is a sign you will be promoted or climb the social ladder; dream you refuse to take an oath–you are hiding something inside of you.


To dream of oats is a sign that you will be successful in your business and will have a profitable journey.


To dream you are obese is a sign you have a tendency to over indulge and have low self esteem. (Also see Fat)


To dream of reading an obituary is a sign that good news is coming soon.


To dream of an observatory is a sign to be careful of impulsive relationships, you could regret what you got yourself involved in.

Observe (Same as Watched/Watching)

To dream of watching something or someone is a sign you lack initiative to take action on something that needs to be done, get to it; dream of being watched–you feel like you are lacking in the privacy that you desire. (Also see Peep/Peeping)


To dream of an obstetrician is a sign you are bothered by an argument you had with a loved one so you need to calm down in order to resolve the argument; dream of an obstetrician helping with birth the of a child–be careful at work not to make any mistakes.


To dream of the occult is a sign you can use some secret information you are about to receive to your advantage.


To dream of the ocean is a sign you look at life very positively and there are no limitations as to what you can accomplish; dream of yourself sailing on the ocean–you are free and independent; dream of a rough ocean–you are doing your best dealing with some emotional issues; dream of a stormy ocean–exciting news is coming soon.


To dream of the month of October is a sign of much success in whatever you try to do.


To dream of an octopus is a sign you are very adventurous; dream an octopus is killed–your morality is taking over on a particular issue; dream an octopus attacks–trouble is looming; dream of seeing two octopuses–you are extremely dependent in your relationship.

Odd Numbers

To dream of odd numbers is a sign your life is out of balance. (Also see Numbers)


To smell an odor in your dream is a sign of either a positive or negative memory from your past, and depends if the odor is good or bad; dream of smelling death–stop dwelling on your past and move on.


To dream of making or receiving an offering is a sign that things will be improving and you may be receiving a promotion.


To dream of being in an office is a sign your love life is about to make a change; dream of a strange new office–you will meet an important new friend; dream you hold a public office–you take responsibility for your actions. (Also see Coworker)


To dream of a police officer is a sign that a friend will find themselves in a financial predicament and may try to get you involved; dream of an officer in the military–sign of security and protection; dream you are an officer–you are a good leader.


To dream of your offspring is a sign to take care of your inner child. (Also see Child/Children)


To dream of oil is a sign you want things to run very smoothly in your life; dream you strike oil–money is coming your way; dream you oil something–you will receive some praise at work; dream of castor oil–you are being argumentative; dream of olive oil–good things are coming to you at work; dream of sun tan oil–you do not get along with a fellow worker; dream of spilling oil–problems are coming your way; dream of baby oil–the child inside you needs to calm down; dream of massaging oil–you need to let your sensual side show more; dream of crude oil–great wealth is coming to you.

Oil Painting

To dream of an oil painting is a sign to stop being such a snob because you will miss out on a lot of fun.

Oil Platform

To dream of an oil platform is a sign you have some deep emotional issues going on and need to get to the root cause; dream the oil platform catches on fire or sinks–you are feeling overwhelmed by these deep emotional issues.

Oil Spill

To dream of an oil spill is a sign you have some emotional issues in your personal relationship.


To dream of ointment is a sign you are starting the healing process.


To dream you are an old man or an old woman is a sign that you make wise decisions; dream of something old–you need to get rid of or replace something in your life.


To dream of picking olives is a sign you will be successful at work; dream of buying olives–your emotions are out of control; dream of eating olives–you will receive an offer you can’t refuse; dream of green olives–you will have good health; dream of black olives–troubles in your relationship.

Olive Green

To dream of the color olive green is a sign of your natural wisdom and that you want peace around you.

Olive Oil

To dream of olive oil is a sign that good things are coming to you at work.

Olive Tree

To dream of an olive tree is a sign of prosperity.


To dream of the Olympics is a sign to pursue your goals even in healthy competitions.


To dream of making an omelet is a sign you need to save money; dream of eating an omelet–don’t gamble because you won’t win.

One (1)

To dream of the number one is a sign of individuality, leadership, confidence and that you are a winner. (Also see Numbers)


To dream of onions is a sign your life will be full of ups and downs; dream of eating onions–you will be lucky in money; dream of peeling onions–family problems ahead; dream of cooking onions–you may lose a friend; dream an onion makes you cry–you are not being sincere with your actions.


To dream of opals is a sign that good things are coming to you.


To dream of an opening is a sign that something strong and influential will enter your life; dream of opening something–new opportunities are coming your way.


To dream of watching an opera is a sign you want the finer things in life; dream of using opera glasses–you will need to defend your reputation.


To dream of having an operation is a sign your lifestyle will change dramatically; dream of watching an operation–you will receive some unexpected news; dream of a heart transplant–your plans will be successful; dream of brain surgery–you will have to overcome some obstacles to get what you want; dream of a military operation–you need to take your time in making a decision. (Also see Surgery)


To dream of seeing or smoking opium is a sign you will be judged by the company you keep.


To dream of an optician/optometrist is a sign you are unsure of a situation going on in your life and you need to look at it from different points of view.

Oral Sex

To dream of giving or receiving oral sex is a sign you like to give and receive joy in your life; dream of giving yourself oral sex–you need some self gratification.


To dream of an orange is a sign of much success; dream of oranges growing or in a box ready for shipment–slow but steady progress is in the works; dream of eating an orange or drinking its juice–a short but sweet love affair is in the works; dream of the color orange–you have an outgoing and friendly personality.


To dream of an orchard blooming is a sign that luck is coming; dream of an orchard full of fruit–your biggest wish will be fulfilled; dream of a bare orchard–little success.


To dream of an orchestra is a sign you want others to accept you; dream you hear the music of an orchestra–you want to connect to others and are truly adamant about what you believe; dream of conducting an orchestra–your like to be in control.


To dream of an orchid is a sign that wealth is around you.


To dream of playing or hearing an organ is a sign you will solve an issue that has been troubling you for awhile; dream of an old organ–there is hope of new things in your love life; dream of a modern electric organ–long term plans will have to be changed; dream of an organ in a church–you will have to revise some long term plans; dream of your internal organs–you have concerns about your health, check out the specific organ you dream about.


To dream of an organist is a sign you need to express your spirituality.


To dream you are organizing something is a sign you have some issues going on in your life that you need to figure out.


To dream you have an orgasm is a sign of something you have just finished in your life; dream you can’t have an orgasm–something in your life is frustrating you.


To dream of seeing or being part of an orgy is a sign you have too many things going on in your life and you are spreading yourself too thin.


To dream of being in the Orient is a sign you need to re-evaluate your decisions and goals.


To dream of seeing or making/folding origami is a sign you are a very creative person.


To dream of an Oriole is a sign of happiness.


To dream of an ornament is a sign you will make a profit if you sell an asset of yours; dream of breaking an ornament–good luck is coming to you.


To dream of an orphan is a sign you will receive some materialistic gain in your life; dream you are an orphan–a promise made to you will be broken; dream of an orphanage–you will lose a friend because of your selfishness; dream of escaping from an orphanage–you are trying to find your own place in the world.


To dream of winning an Oscar at the Academy Awards is a sign you want to be well known in your life. (Also see Academy Awards)


To dream of an ostrich is a sign life is going to be good, get the champagne out.


To dream of seeing or using an otoscope is a sign you need to listen closely and pay attention to something going on in your life.


To dream of an otter is a sign to save your money for that rainy day.


To dream of seeing or using an ottoman is a sign you need more relaxation in your life.

Ouija Board

To dream of a Ouija board is a sign you are ready to take risks in order to move forward in your life; dream a Ouija board fails to perform–you have too much negativity in your life, get rid of it by being more positive yourself.


To dream there is an outbreak of some kind is a sign you are letting negativity control your life.


To dream of being an outcast is a sign you need to get rid of a bad quality you have.

Outer Space

To dream of outer space is a sign you have unlimited creativity.


To dream of an outhouse is a sign you are having a hard time expressing your emotions.


To dream of being an outlaw is a sign you feel the rules don’t apply to you and you can do whatever you want.


To dream of an outlet is a sign you still have lots of energy left inside of you.


To dream you are outside is a sign you need to express yourself more and stop closing yourself off from other people.


To dream of an oval shape is a sign you have lots of spiritual energy.


To dream of your ovaries is a sign you will experience some new beginnings.


To dream of a hot oven is a sign of good fortune coming; dream the oven is turned off–you may be about to lose a friend; dream of a toy oven–your loyalty is being questioned.

Oven Mitts

To dream of seeing or using oven mitts is a sign there is something going on in your life that needs to be handled very carefully.


To dream of wearing overalls is a sign you have a lackadaisical attitude about life.


To dream of seeing or wearing an overcoat is a sign you are putting up a wall around you to protect your emotions.


To dream that you or someone overdoses is a sign you are on a path of destruction if you don’t change your ways.

Ovulation (Same as Menstruation)

To dream of menstruation is a sign that something is coming to an end and you will be able to start to relax; for a woman to dream it is time for her monthly cycle when it is not–your cycle may actually becoming earlier than expected. Very vivid dreams may occur during a woman’s monthly cycle than at other times.


To dream of an owl is a sign of disappointment; dream an owl is in the house–family troubles are brewing.


To dream of an oxen is a sign of marriage for lovers; dream an oxen is grazing in a field–business is booming.


To dream of oxygen is a sign that whatever was standing in your way is about to go away, the path ahead is clear and easy; dream you don’t have enough oxygen–you feel suffocated by something going on in your life.

Oxygen Mask

To dream of seeing or wearing an oxygen mask is a sign you are feeling helpless and having a hard time expressing your feelings.


To dream of an oyster is a sign you are jealous and this will cause issues with your mate; dream of a pearl inside an oyster–you are about to make a mistake at work; dream of buying oysters–watch out for your health; dream of eating oysters–tension is coming in your family because they don’t understand what you are involved in; dream of oyster shells–you will have financial worries.