Wine Legacy


To dream of the letter N is a sign of the end of something in your life.


To dream of rusty nails is a sign your progress will be slow; dream of shiny nails–some unexpected news is coming; dream of hammering nails–something you didn’t think you could have will be yours but it will take some effort; dream you hurt yourself with a nail–choose your words carefully so that you don’t hurt someone; dream of a nail file–you are being too hard on people; dream of having a manicure on your nails–you will have some unexpected expenses. (Also see Fingernails)


To have naked dreams are very common; dream of seeing yourself naked–things are about to get better; dream of others being naked–deception from those close to you will be uncovered; dream of walking naked in the street–disappointment is in the air; dream of seeing yourself swimming naked–you are very lucky. (Also see Topless)


To dream you can’t remember your name or someone else’s name is a sign you are involved in a deal that is not good; dream you are called by the wrong name–you have some personal problems to deal with; dream of using a false name–you need to be sure to concentrate on what you are doing; dream you hear your name being called–you are a very unique person; dream you changed your name–you are going through some changes in your life.

Name Badge

To dream of seeing or wearing a name badge is a sign you like reaching out to others; dream the name on the badge is not yours–you are not sure of who you really are and need to spend time finding yourself.


To dream of a napkin is a sign will find the strength to complete a challenging task; dream of folding a napkin–you will get invited to a special occasion.


To dream of something being very narrow is a sign you need to ask for help; dream of narrow spaces–you are experiencing some struggles in your life.

Native American

To dream of a Native American is a sign you like your freedom. (Also see Indian)


To dream of your navel is a sign that you have a bond with your mother; dream that a navel has a piercing–you need to get in touch with your motherly instincts.


To dream that you are in the Navy could mean you will have some health issues to deal with; dream of seeing Navy sailors–a loss at work is coming; dream of high ranking naval officers–troubles in your love relationship.

Navy Blue

To dream of the color navy blue is a sign that you lack individuality and are not very creative.


To dream of a Nazi is a sign you are feeling that people are putting your down.

Near Death Experience

To dream of having a near death experience is a sign that you are being given a second chance at something in your life.


To dream of a neck is a sign that money is coming to you soon; dream of a broken neck–you need to manage your affairs better.


To dream of seeing or wearing a necklace is a sign of a marriage or promotion at work; dream of a necklace in a shop–you are jealous of someone; dream of a broken or lost necklace–trust your gut instinct; dream of a pearl necklace–you will have a period of gloom and despondency.


To dream you prick yourself with a needle is a sign you have emotional troubles with a loved one; dream of threading a needle–you will need a lot of patience on a project; dream of finding a needle–you are worrying too much; dream of losing a needle–warning not to be careless.


To dream of helping out your neighbor is a sign that a surprise is on its way; dream of a having a good neighbor–you will have much joy at home; dream of an angry or unfriendly neighbor–you are in need of a change in scenery; dream of quarreling with your neighbor–be cautious to keep your temper under control.


To dream about your neighborhood is a sign to make some new friends; dream of being in an unknown neighborhood–you are feeling a little uneasy about a new venture that is coming into your life; dream of a poor neighborhood–you need to help someone who is in need.


To dream of your nephew is a sign there is something you need to recognize within yourself.


To dream of a net is a sign you are feeling trapped in a complicated life situation; dream of a trawling net–you are squandering your money; dream of a net laid out to dry–you are in good health; dream of throwing a net into the water–you are being unfairly suspicious of a new friend.


To dream of nettles is a sign that you need to avoid a sticky situation; dream of getting stung by a nettle–you need to protect yourself for a disloyal relationship.


To dream of new things or new places is a sign there are new and unfamiliar things going on in your life; dream of a new house–you are developing some new strengths; dream of new shoes–your life is headed in an unfamiliar directions; dream of being at a new school–you need to learn some new lessons.

New Year

To dream of the New Year is a sign of something new happening in your life.

New York

To dream of being in New York is a sign you are living a very fast paced lifestyle and are trying to keep up with the demands on your life.


To dream of receiving or hearing news is a contrary sign so the worse the news is the better things will be for you; dream of waiting for news–you need to make some changes because you are not getting the results you were hoping to get; dream of watching or listening to the news–you need to be more objective in a situation.


To dream of reading a newspaper is a sign that distant events are working in your favor; dream of buying a newspaper–a fast promotion is coming; dream of wrapping something up in a newspaper–you will have a pleasant reunion with friends you haven’t seen in a while.


To dream of hearing a nickname is a sign not to try anything new for awhile; dream someone is calling you by a nickname–you are trying to change how people look at you.


To dream of your niece is a sign there is something you need to recognize within yourself.


To dream of a really dark night is a sign you are hiding your feelings toward someone who hurt you in your past; dream of a starlit night–you will discover something very interesting; dream of being in the night–you will face some obstacles in your life.


To dream of a nightclub or dance club is a sign you like having a lot of fun in your life, you may want to settle down a little.


To dream of a nightgown is a sign you are sharing things about yourself that you were once uncomfortable sharing before.


To dream of seeing or turning on a nightlight is a sign you have gained a new insight on a situation going on in your life.


To dream about a nightmare is a sign you have some very emotional issues that need to be resolved and should seek out a professional to help you.


To dream of a nightshade is a sign it is time for new ventures and new relationships in your life.


To dream of nipples is a sign that your childlike side is emerging and the need to be dependent on someone; dream of nipples being sucked on–you need to get your money matters under control and stop spending; dream of having painful nipples–check into your health; dream of multiple nipples–you are being unfaithful in your love relationship; dream you don’t have any nipples or have lost a nipple–you have no sexual desire. (Also see Breasts)

Nobel Prize

To dream of winning the Nobel prize is a sign to stop being a show-off; dream someone else receives the Nobel prize–you will receive some happy family news.


To dream of children making noise is a sign to have patience; dream of loud noise–you need to slow down and relax more; dream of hearing or making strange noise–you are confused about something going on in your life.


To dream of eating or cooking noodles is a sign you will make some major progress with some plans you have in the works.


See Afternoon


To dream of the direction north is a sign you are finally headed on the right path in your life.

North Pole

To dream of the North Pole is a sign you have finished something you have been working on for awhile, could be a project, relationship, etc.

North Star

To dream of the North Star is a sign you are going in the right direction with your life.

Northern Lights

To dream of the northern lights is a sign that a situation or relationship in your life will fill you with warmth and love.


To dream about your nose is a sign you have an abundance of friends; dream of blowing your nose–you will not have to do something that is annoying you; dream of a nosebleed–hold onto your money; dream of a red nose–an important piece of paper will be missing; dream of a turned up nose–someone you know will betray a promise.


To dream of writing a novel is a sign that trouble is in the works; dream of reading a novel–your social like is about to improve.


To dream of the month of November is a sign of your indifference to a problem going on in your life.

Nuclear Bomb

To dream of a nuclear bomb is a sign that something that is very precious to you has ended.


See Naked


To dream of a nugget made of precious medal is a sign that an opportunity will present itself to you so be sure to grab it; dream of a gold nugget–you have overlooked some very valuable information; dream of picking up several gold nuggets–you will put some good ideas to use.


To dream about numbers is a sign of something very special and meaningful to you; dream of writing numbers down–you have been put into an uncomfortable position by someone’s unexpected behavior; dream you see yourself reading numbers–you can have confidence in your hopes of the future; dream of hearing numbers–you need to take things slowly; dreaming of odd numbers–are considered more aggressive, and you feel your life is out of balance; dreaming of even numbers–are considered more tranquil, and a sign of much balance in your life; dream of 911–don’t be afraid to ask for help.

  • 0 – Zero:  To dream of the number zero is a sign you are experiencing a void in your life and are going around in circles headed for nowhere.
  • 1 – One:  To dream of the number one is a sign of individuality, leadership, confidence and that you are a winner.
  • 2 – Two:  To dream of the number two is a sign of balance, marriage cooperation, and diversity in your life.
  • 3 – Three:  To dream of the number three is a sign of life, vitality, inner strength, creativity, energy, and experience. The number three is also a sign of the past, present, and future, or father, mother and child.
  • 4 – Four:  To dream of the number four is a sign of stability, hard work, and you get things done in your life.
  • 5 – Five:  To dream of the number five is a sign of your boldness, daring nature, spontaneity, and that you need to be more in tune with your senses.
  • 6 – Six:  To dream of the number six is a sign of warmth, union, marriage, family and love and is indicative of domestic bliss.
  • 7 – Seven:  To dream of the number seven is a sign of healing, completion, and high spirituality.
  • 8 – Eight:  To dream of the number eight is a sign of success, power, and wealth.
  • 9 – Nine:  To dream of the number nine is a sign of rebirth, closure, and longevity.
  • 10 – Ten:  To dream of the number ten is a sign of great strengths and gains.


To dream of feeling numbness is a sign you have a big fear of failure and a fear of taking risks.


To dream of a nun(s) is a sign you are successful, but don’t brag about it; dream of a nun’s habit–you must be firm and break off that relationship.


To dream of nun-chucks is a sign you are feeling very defensive about something going on in your life.


To dream of your nuptials is a sign you are reaffirming your commitment to your partner. (Also see Married/Marriage or Wedding)


To dream you are a nurse is a sign you will receive some news that will be of great benefit to you; if you are single and dream of seeing a nurse–marriage is in your future; if you are married and dream of seeing a nurse–your family is united; dream of a nurse looking after you–you are feeling unwanted and want to be cared about; dream of a nurse’s uniform–is a sign of compassion and cleanliness. (Also see Wet Nurse)


To dream of tasting or smelling nutmeg is a sign to question someone’s motives; dream of grating nutmeg–you are going to be doing a lot of entertaining.


To dream of eating nuts is a sign your health is improving; dream of cracking open nuts–your projects will be very successful.


To dream of empty nutshells is a sign that no matter how hard you try things will not work out for you.


To dream of nylons is a sign that things aren’t always what they seem to be, don’t be taken in by appearances. (Also see Pantyhose or Stockings)


To dream of a nymph is a sign you will have an exciting new experience in your love life.