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To dream of the letter L is a sign you may be afraid to love.

Lab Coat

To dream of seeing or wearing a lab coat is a sign you are a very protective person.


To dream of a label is a sign your investments are about to pay off; dream of a label on a bottle–you are very practical; dream of luggage labels–you will have an unexpected visitor.


To dream you are a woman in labor is a sign you are ready to start a family; if you are actually pregnant and dream of being in labor–you are preparing for the actual experience; dream someone goes into labor earlier than expected–you need to be better prepared for challenges you will face in your life; dream that you are laboring–you will have to work hard to accomplish your goals; dream of a man doing any kind of manual labor–you will be respected by others.


To dream of being in a laboratory is a sign you may be going through some changes in your life.


To dream of being in a labyrinth is a sign you want to get to the root of a problem that is going on; dream of finding your way out of a labyrinth–you will solve your problems; dream of getting lost or being frightened in a labyrinth–something unexpected will force you to change the direction you are going.


To dream of lace is a sign you are very popular with the opposite sex; dream of lace curtains–don’t waste your time on frivolous fun.


To dream you or someone is lactating is a sign you have very maternal instincts. (Also see Breast Feeding)


To dream of climbing a ladder is a sign you will achieve great accomplishments and the higher the ladder the bigger the accomplishments; dream a rung breaks on a ladder–you fail to achieve your greatest ambition; dream you climb down the ladder–disappointment is close by; dream of falling from the ladder–you have bitten off more than you can chew; dream of walking under a ladder–is a good omen; dream of a ladder falling–you will be dealing with some unexpected obstacles; dream you carry a ladder–you will need to help out a friend; dream of a rope ladder–you will be successful in business; dream of a step ladder–you will have a stroke of good luck.


To dream of using a ladle is a sign you will meet up with a friend you haven’t seen in awhile; dream of seeing a ladle–a secret will bring you danger; dream of a broken ladle–you will be sad in your love life.


See Woman/Women


To dream of a ladybug is a sign of beauty and good luck.


To dream of a lake is a sign you will be happy and successful; dream the water in the lake as rough or dirty–difficulties in your life are coming; dream of yourself crossing a lake in a boat–others will be looking up to you; dream of jumping into a lake–you are unhappy; dream you wade or walk into a lake–you need to stop worrying so much.


To dream of lambs are a sign of uplifting experiences and happy family time is ahead, old friends may come back into your life; dream of hearing a lamb bleating–business will prosper; dream of hearing a flock of lambs–your home life will be very happy; dream of finding a lost lamb–you will meet up with some old friends; dream of holding a lamb in your arms–you will make some sacrifices in your life; dream of eating or cooking lamb–money is coming your way.


To dream of a lamp is a sign you are feeling reassured about things going on in your life; dream of a dimly lit or unlit lamp–you are having troubles seeing things clearly; dream of a broken lamp–you are shutting out people who want to help you.


To dream of a lamppost is a sign you won’t be depressed any more.


To dream of a lampshade is a sign you don’t like being in the limelight.


To dream of a lanai is a sign you are very open minded and like to try new things.


To dream of owning land is a sign your fortunes are becoming much better; dream you are ordered off the land–you will soon be disappointed.


To dream of the landing of an aircraft is a sign you have completed a journey or a task.


To dream of different landscapes is a sign of what is going on in your life; dream of a barren or dry landscape–you are unhappy in your love life; dream the landscape keeps changing–you are experiencing some emotional changes in your life.


To dream you see a landslide from a distance is a sign you are being very smart about how you handle problems; dream you are caught in a landslide–there is deception between you and someone else, but who is really being deceptive, you or them.


To dream of a narrow country lane is a sign you need to be more discreet in your relationships; dream you are changing lanes–you are being very impatient; dream of a dark lane–you will some financial problems.


To dream of hearing or speaking a foreign language is a sign your subconscious does not understand something; dream you are studying a language–you have troubles expressing yourself and your thoughts; to hear foul or vulgar language in your dream–you will face an embarrassing situation.


To dream of seeing or carrying a lantern is a sign you are a very wise person and it will help you going through life.


To dream of your lap is a sign you are feeling very lonely; dream of sitting on someone of the opposite sex’s lap–you are in for an exciting new love affair; dream of falling off a lap–some silly behavior will lose you your prestige; dream of holding someone on your lap–you are a very caring and supportive person.

Lap Dance

To dream of giving or performing a lap dance is a sign you are feeling inhibited of expressing your sexual desires; dream of seeing or receiving a lap dance–you desire more intimacy in your life.


To dream of lapis is a sign that no one is perfect and you need to accept that in yourself and others.


To dream of seeing or using a laptop is a sign you want to communicate with someone; dream your laptop is missing or stolen–be sure not to rely on others for everything, do it yourself.


To dream of cooking with lard is a sign you love money too much and need to realize there is more to life.


To dream of something being large is a sign you have a lot of authority and power. (Also see Big)


To dream of seeing larks fly  is a sign you have high ambitions; dream of larks falling from the sky–you have lost your innocence; dream of hearing larks sing–you will have much success and happiness in your life.


To dream of larva is a sign you are going through some changes in your life.


To dream of having laryngitis is a sign you are having a hard time standing up for yourself.

Las Vegas

To dream of being in Las Vegas is a sign you have a tendency to be excessive and overindulge in your life.


To dream of seeing or eating lasagna is a sign you are comfortable with your life.


To dream of a laser is a sign you need to concentrate on one thing at a time.


To dream of swinging a lasso is a sign there is something in your life that you are trying to hold on to. (Also see Rope)


To dream you are late to something is a sign not to make promises that you can’t keep; dream of others being late–you need to stop spending money, you can’t afford those luxuries for the time being.


To dream that you have lather all over yourself is a sign you will receive news from a distance that will help you sort out your problems.


To dream you are laughing or to hear laughter in your dream is a sign to let go of your problems and find more pleasure in your life; dream of hearing a man laughing–you will learn a lot from a new work project; dream of hearing a woman laughing–don’t be so anti-social; dream of hearing children laughing–you will receive unexpected news; dream of making people laugh–you and your partner aren’t really suited for each other; dream of hearing evil laughter–you have feelings of helplessness.


To dream of clean laundry is a sign of good fortune; dream of dirty laundry–problems are coming your way; dream of washing laundry by hand–you are currently in good physical shape; dream of hanging laundry out to dry–you are about to explode mentally.


To dream of lava is a sign your social life is about to take off in a big way but make sure to keep the spending to a minimum.

Lava Lamp

To dream of a lava lamp is a sign something in your life is moving very slowly.


To dream of a lavatory is a sign that an important project is about to be finished.


To dream of lavender is a sign that a new relationship is in your future and it will go very well.


To dream of referring to the law is a sign to show some restraint is parts of your life; dream you are studying the law–you will be successful in your endeavors.


To dream of a green lawn is a sign you are in control and are making progress towards your goals in life; dream of a lawn that is overgrown or full of weeds–you need to take better care of yourself; dream of a dead or brown lawn–you are very unhappy with things going on in your home life.

Lawn Chair

To dream of a lawn chair is a sign to stop and take a break and take a look at what is going on in your life.

Lawn Mower

To dream of a lawn mower is a sign you are very concerned about your appearance and you come across to people.


To dream of being involved in a lawsuit is a sign you are very concerned about being criticized by others for your actions.


To dream of a lawyer is a sign you will have troubles in business or money matters; dream you are a lawyer–you inner strengths will help you be successful in life.


To dream of seeing or taking a laxative is a sign you will be asked to do a difficult task but it will all work out for the best; dream of administering a laxative–you will make some gains in areas you expected to take some losses.


To dream of laying in bed is a sign of a new love interest.


To dream of lead is a sign that some problems are weighing heavy on your mind; dream of a lead mine–deceit surrounds you.


To dream of green and healthy leaves is a sign your life is good; dream of fallen or dried up leaves–troubles and health issues are in the works.


To dream of a leak is a sign that you are wasting time; dream of a leaky pipe–you need to broaden your activities; dream of a roof leak–misfortunes are coming; dream of a leaking radiator–a new arrival is coming.


To dream you are leaning on someone or something is a sign you are becoming more and more independent; dream someone leans on you–you will be needing some help very soon.


To dream you are learning something is a sign you always want more information; dream you are learning to sing–you will be sad for awhile; dream you are learning to dance–you will start doing some activities; dream you are in a place of learning–you will be very successful.


To dream of anything made of leather is a sign you will be very lucky; dream of buying leather–the family will be happy; dream of giving leather as a gift–your family will have some squabbles; dream of a leather shop–you will beat your enemies; dream of a leather bag–you will go on an unexpected trip.


To dream of someone leaving you is a sign that you feel rejected, or that you are ready to let go and move on with your life; dream of leaving by a fire escape–you need to get out of debt; dream of leaving a train/railway station–you are waiting to hear about some results to do with work; dream of a train leaving–you need to think rationally in order to solve your problems.


To dream of giving a lecture is a sign you could be making a move; dream of hearing a lecture–you will have limited success.


To dream of seeing or being bitten by leeches is a sign that something in your life is taking away all your energy; dream your body is covered in leeches–you have done something to yourself you are not proud of; dream of leeching something–you will be receiving a large debt you didn’t expect, but don’t worry you will raise the money.


To dream of eating or cooking leeks is a sign you could receive a promotion at work; dream of growing leeks–progress will be slow.


To dream of a left turn or anything on the left side is a sign not to be discouraged by a set back because you will get there in the end; dream you are left handed when you are not–someone is out to get you so you need to watch your back.


To dream of your legs is a sign you are standing up for yourself and taking control of your life; dream of skinny legs–is a warning sign to be careful in romance; dream of injured leg(s)–you will be unable to avoid money problems; dream your legs are weak–you are feeling emotionally vulnerable; dream of crossing your legs–you are very closed minded; dream of someone else’s legs–you admire that person and would like to be more like them; dream of a broken leg–you have a hard time standing up for yourself, you lack courage; dream one of your legs is shorter than the other–you have some imbalance in your life you need to work out; dream of hairy legs and you are a woman–you are overly controlling in relationships; dream you have three or more legs–you have too many things going on in your life and are finding it hard to handle them all; dream of a stick or wooden leg–you need to slow down in your life, you have too much going on.


To dream of a legacy is a sign you will be lucky where money is concerned.


To dream of a lemon is a sign your relationship is not doing very good; dream of sucking on a lemon–you will find yourself in an embarrassing social situation; dream of squeezing a lemon–need to be more careful with money matters.


To dream of lemonade is a sign you are about to become very popular.


To dream of a leper is a sign you will face some hardships in your life.


To dream of a leprechaun is a sign that through hard work and perseverance you will reach your goals in life; dream you are a leprechaun–you have a playful side to you.


To dream you or others have leprosy is a sign you are wasting your talents and potential in life.


To dream of leopards are a sign of your enemies, but you will win in the end; dream of killing a leopard–tough fight is ahead of you; dream of a running leopard–illness is in your future.


To dream you are a lesbian is a sign you are very comfortable with your sexuality and femininity.


To dream about receiving a letter is a sign of new opportunities or challenges coming your way; dream of tearing up a letter–you have regrets about things in your past; dream of an unopened letter–you are refusing to accept some information you received; dream of writing a letter–you are doing good emotionally; dream you post a letter–current problems will be solved; dream of getting an anonymous letter–is a sign of danger; dream of a love letter–you feel remorse about a foolish affair; dream of a chain letter–you will have a unique experience; dream of finding a letter–a friend is being disloyal. (Also see Message)

Letters of the Alphabet

To dream about letters of the alphabet is a sign an old friend is coming back into your life; dream you see yourself writing out the alphabet–you will receive some good news; dream the letters of the alphabet are foreign–a mystery will be solved.


To dream of eating lettuce is a sign you need to get your personal affairs in order; dream of buying a head of lettuce–you will get very emotional; dream of washing lettuce–take time to think, don’t react foolishly; dream of lettuce growing–you will have abundance in your life.

Level Crossing Gate

To dream of a level crossing gate going down is a sign you will have some setbacks in achieving goals in your life; dream of a level crossing gate going up–you are not letting obstacles get in the way of achieving your goals.  (Also see Gate)


To dream that you are levitating is a sign you need to let go of those outrageous ideas you are holding on to; dream of seeing someone levitating–you have strong desires to help others; dream you make someone or something levitate–you are a very supportive person.


To dream that someone is a liar is a sign you have lost trust in that person; dream someone is calling you a liar–you will be upset with some untrustworthy people; dream you are lying–you are trying to deceive yourself into believing something that goes against your value system.


To dream of someone being a Libra is a sign you like your life to be in order.


To dream of seeing or being a librarian is a sign you are a very knowledgeable person.


To dream of a library is a good sign you are full of self confidence.


To dream about lice is a sign you want to get away from something like a person, a relationship, a situation.  You may be feeling like you are being taken advantage of.


To dream of seeing or carrying a license is a sign you have total control of your life to reach your goals.

License Plate

To dream of a license plate is a sign you have the freedom to run your own life and do what you want to do.


To dream of licking something is a sign to be careful in moving forward with a project; dream you lick your lips–you are being very greedy these days; dream of licking your fingers–you need to work on a phobia you have to overcome; dream you lick a spoon–you will experience some pleasant changes; dream of an animal licking you–you will be called on for some advice.


To dream of telling a lie is a sign your silliness will get you into trouble; dream of others telling a lie–you will get some unexpected help.  (Also See Liar)

Lie Detector

To dream of a lie detector is a sign you can’t trust others; dream of taking a lie detector test–you need to face the facts and stop being in denial.


To dream of a lifeboat on a ship is a sign that troubles at work are coming; dream of a lifeboat at sea–you will conquer your enemies; dream of a damaged lifeboat–changes for the better are coming; dream of a lifeboat saving people–you will have a long and happy life.


To dream of a change of lifestyle by suddenly becoming famous is a sign you are trying for something that is out of your reach.


To dream of a light is a sign you have found the solution to a problem; dream of a beam of light–long standing problem will be solved; dream of switching on a light–you will do well at work; dream of turning off a light–your lover is cheating on you; dream of a bright light–sign of good health; dream of a dim light–sign of sickness; dream of daylight–predicts renewed hope; dream the lights go out due to an electrical power failure–you are wasting your energy on something and need to try a change of direction.

Light Bulb

To dream of a light bulb is a sign you are ready to accept the reality of a situation going on in your life; dream of a burned out light bulb–you feel you have nothing to offer to others.


To dream of seeing a lighthouse at night is a sign things will be good with your business and love life; dream of seeing a lighthouse in the daytime–you will be going on a long trip; dream of being in a lighthouse–you will have a long and healthy life.


To dream of lightning is a sign of long lasting good fortune; dream something is struck by lightning–you will be successful with your future plans; dream you are struck by lightning–changes in your life will be happening that can’t be undone.


To dream about a lilac is a sign you are facing some rejection and disappointments in your life, rely on yourself, not what you see or hear.


To dream about a lily or lilies is a sign of peace, happiness, spirituality, faith, and pure joy and is connected with mourning the loss of a loved one.

Lily Pad

To dream about a lily pad is a sign you need to get away from any emotional situation in your life.


To dream of a lime(s) is a sign you will have to deal with some setbacks in your life before the good times come to you.


To dream of a limousine is a sign you feel you need to show off because you have a big ego; dream of a black limousine–you are unwilling to make changes.


To dream of a line is a sign you need to follow the rules; dream of crossing the line–you have stepped over the boundaries in some area of your life; dream of a line of people or objects–you need to be more aware of what is going on in your relationship; dream you are standing in a line–you need to have more patience. (Also see Queue)


To dream of a lion is a sign of social accomplishment; dream of hearing a lion roar–deal with jealousy; dream of a lion cub–new friend.


To dream of thin lips is a sign not to judge others; dream of lovely lips–success in your love life; dream of thick full lips–you will be successful in business but not in love; dream of chapped or sore lips–you will take some losses in business.

Lip Balm

To dream of seeing or applying lip balm is a sign you are having a hard time expressing yourself, people don’t understand what you are trying to say.


To dream of lipstick is a sign you are being selfish; dream of choosing lipstick in a store–you will have some money troubles; dream of giving someone lipstick–you are felling very confident.


To dream of seeing litter is a sign you need to get organized in your life and get rid of all the clutter; dream of a litter of newborn animals–a project has been in the development stage way too long.

Litter Box

To dream of a litter box is a sign you are thinking some embarrassing thoughts.


See Small


To dream of eating or cooking liver is a sign your health is getting better; dream of seeing a liver (part of the body)–someone in your life doesn’t have your best interest at heart; dream you are having trouble with your liver–things will be improving for you.

Living Room

To dream of being in a living room is a sign of how you live your life and how others see you, and also a sign of the difference between your personal and public self; dream of just the living room–you will have some unexpected guests.


To dream of a lizard is a sign you are a very creative and well rounded person.


To dream of a llama is a sign that much success is coming.


To dream of lobster is a sign you will be stopped by some annoying challenges; dream you serve, eat, or cook a lobster–someone will repay the money they borrowed, or you will find something that has been lost for awhile.


To dream of a lock is a sign you are unable to get what you want; dream of picking  a lock–someone is going to embarrass you; dream of unlocking something–happiness is coming your way; dream of failing to unlock something–troubles are coming your way; dream a lock is broken–you have feelings of insecurity; dream of a puzzle lock–you need to have patience and think through a situation before acting on it; dream you have been locked out–you have issues understanding your own feelings.  (Also See Padlock)


To dream of a locker is a sign of things about yourself that you have kept hidden inside; dream of a school locker–you need to recognize these hidden feelings and do something about them; dream of a PE locker–you have some physical limitations you need to recognize; dream you can’t open a locker or have forgotten the combination to the locker–you are not sure of how you feel about a certain situation; dream you can’t find your locker–you are not sure about where you stand on a particular situation; dream someone else is using your locker–someone can see right through your insecurities.

Locker Room

To dream of being in a locker room is a sign you need to take things easy in pursuing a love interest.


To dream of wearing a locket is a sign you will have a long lasting relationship.


To dream you have lockjaw is a sign you need to keep your mouth shut because careless talk can get you into trouble.


To dream you are a locksmith is a sign you will play a major part in an upcoming project.


To dream of locusts is a sign you are having trouble making a decision about something going on in your life.


To dream of lodestone is a sign that people like being around you.


To dream of a log(s) is a sign your home life will be improving; dream of stacking logs–good things will happen for whatever is concerning you the most these days; dream of logs floating in water–hold on to any opportunities coming your way; dream of burning logs–there will soon be a family celebration; dream of sitting on a log–you will be feeling very content with your life; dream of a log cabin–with hard work you will get there in the end.


See Lumberjack

Looking Glass

See Mirror


To dream of a loom is a sign you have control of your future, sometimes you have to take a step back in order to take two steps forward.


To dream a loon is a sign you need to get to the bottom of a situation that is going on in your life and you may have to look deep inside yourself for the answer.


To dream of anything long is a sign of power and how you compare yourself to others or how they perceive you.


To dream that you lose something is a sign something unexpected is about to happen; dream you lose a bet–you are being too arrogant; dream you lose a race or lose a game–get rid of those bad habits.


To dream you are lost is a sign you have given up on your goals and dreams; dream someone else is lost–you have some issues that need to be resolved with that person; dream that you are lost at sea–you have no direction in life and are finding it hard to solve a problem.


To dream of the lottery is a bad sign for romance and your future with your mate is on shaky grounds; dream of a lottery ticket–you will have family problems.


To dream of someone or something being loud is a sign there is something in your life that needs to be taken care of.


To dream of hearing a loudspeaker is a sign you will have some worries in your life.


To dream of falling in love is a sign you are about to hear from someone that they love you; dream that love passes you by–you will marry soon. (Also see Relationships)


To dream of your lover is a sign you accept yourself and acknowledge your true inner self or you could be feeling unfulfilled in your current relationship; dream of a former lover–you have some unresolved issues relating to that relationship.


To dream of luggage is a sign a long trip oversees is coming; dream of having your luggage carried for you–happy times are coming; dream of losing your luggage–you will receive an inheritance; dream of luggage is in the street–you may get robbed, get your locks fixed; dream of luggage labels–you will receive an unexpected visitor.


To dream of seeing or being a lumberjack is a sign you need to attack your problems one at a time.


To dream of a lunatic is a sign you don’t feel people listen to you and your opinions, you feel ignored.


To dream of seeing or eating lunch is a sign you are lacking in spiritual improvement, understanding, and awareness in some areas of your life.

Lunch Box

To dream of seeing or carrying a lunch box is a sign you are getting ready for a very important event in your life; dream the lunch box is empty–you are lacking spiritual enrichment in your life.


To dream of lungs is a sign you are feeling suffocated from a relationship in your life.


To dream of lust or lusting after someone is a sign to have more self-control in your life; dream someone is lusting after you–you think very highly of yourself and have an elevated sense of self-esteem.


To dream of seeing or playing a lute is a sign you will receive some good news from an absent friend.


To dream of living in luxury is a sign you may be living beyond your means and need to start being more thrifty.


See Liar

Lying Down

To dream you are lying down is a sign of a short illness or some unhappiness in your life.


To dream of a lynx is a sign of hidden hostility and you need to watch out for yourself.