To dream of the letter K is a sign that all is going just fine.


To dream of a kaleidoscope is a sign your life is about to change very quickly and will create new and positive experiences.


To dream of a kangaroo is a sign you will be traveling to someplace new.


To dream of karaoking is a sign you are very self assured of your capabilities.


To dream of doing karate is a sign that your current projects will go well.


To dream of seeing or hearing katydids is a sign to get up off your butt so you don’t miss out on life’s opportunities and be sure to rely on yourself and not others.


To dream of a kayak or going kayaking is a sign you know how you feel about what is going on in your life.


To dream of a gamekeeper is a sign of financial success.


To dream of a keepsake is a sign you are loved.


To dream of a keg is a sign you have overcome adversity in your life.


To dream of kelp is a sign you will survive the emotional difficulties that come with life.


To dream of a kennel is a sign you are trying to be friends with someone who doesn’t want your friendship.


To dream of kerosene is a sign of a new idea being born.


To dream of seeing or eating ketchup is a sign of your youth and happiness; dream of pouring ketchup on your food is a sign that you will make friends with someone of the opposite sex.


To dream of a kettle is a sign you are going to be cheated by someone who you thought you could trust; dream of a kettle of boiling water–you need to widen your social circle; dream of a copper kettle–you will have many materialistic things in your life; dream of a whistling kettle–you need to keep your emotions in check, you have a tendency to get very upset.


To dream of seeing kettledrums is a sign to stop some nasty habits and vices.


To dream of a key is a sign that opportunities, freedom, and responsibilities will be answered, keys can also have a sexual overtone; dream of finding a key–you will solve a problem; dream of losing a key–you will be disappointed; dream of fitting a key in a lock–you will have a good love life; dream of a broken key–you have lost a good opportunity; dream of a bunch of keys–you will be profitable in business; dream of hearing keys rattle–you have a positive outlook on life; dream of making a spare key–there are many different ways to solve a problem.

Key Chain

To dream of a key chain is a sign you easily adapt to any situation and get along well with other people.

Key Maker

To dream of a key maker is a sign you need help because you can’t do it all by yourself.


To dream of a computer keyboard is a sign to share some ideas or message with others; dream of seeing or playing a musical keyboard–you have a very balanced life.


To dream there is no key in the keyhole is a sign a friend can’t be trusted; dream of you or someone peeping through a keyhole–don’t be so impulsive, think before you act.


To dream of seeing or wearing khakis is a sign you don’t like to stand out.


To dream that someone kicks you is a sign you are afraid of competition; dream you do the kicking–good things are coming your way; dream of kicking a ball–you will receive some good news; dream of being kicked in the butt–your status will improve; dream you kick someone or something–someone is jealous of you.


To dream of a kid (baby goat) is a sign to concentrate more on your professional life than on your personal life for a while. (Also see Child/Children)


To dream of being kidnapped is a sign you need some new friends or they could cause you some embarrassment; dream that you do the kidnapping–keep close guard on your valuables and make sure they are insured; dream you are kidnapped by your ex–your ex still has some emotional hold on you; dream someone has been kidnapped–you are trying to put an end to the qualities of the kidnapped person.


To dream you are eating or cooking kidneys is a sign to stay away from gambling; dream of your kidney (part of the body)–your body needs a cleansing.


To dream of killing someone is a sign you are under a lot of stress; dream you are killed–you have a bad habit that you need to change in yourself; dream of killing your father–you will have to make some sacrifices; dream of killing your mother–you will be on the wrong end of a very hurtful remark; dream of killing your lover–tensions could be getting ready to end the relationship for good; dream of witnessing a killing–change is coming that you will not like; dream of killing a fox–you will outwit someone you don’t like; dream of killing an animal–you are trying to destroy a part of yourself. (Also see Murder/Murdered)


To dream of a killer is a sign you are going through a healing process to put an end to something.

Killer Whale

To dream of a killer whale is a sign to be more social and speak up for what you want.


To dream of a highland kilt is a sign that a surprise trip is soon to come.


To dream of seeing or wearing a kimono is a sign there is some connection to the country of Japan.


To dream of being in kindergarten is a sign you are going through a change in your life.


To dream of a king is a sign that success is within your reach; dream of a king on his throne–you are about to be cheated on by someone; dream of a king being crowned–business will go well; dream the king is holding a scepter–your energy will help you succeed in life; dream of a young king–people will criticize you behind your back; dream of an old king–you will have a personal success very soon; dream you are the king–you are feeling very powerful these days. (Also see Royalty)

King Kong

To dream of King Kong is a sign there is something getting in your way of you achieving your goals.


To dream of kissing someone is a sign of a new love affair; dream you see yourself kissed by your partner–your relationship is very solid; dream of kissing your ex–you are reliving the good times you had with them; dream of kissing someone else’s boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse–you want to be in a relationship; dream of kissing a celebrity–you want success in life; dream someone is trying to kiss you against your will–someone wants you to do something you do not want to do; dream of kissing a dead person–you will have a long and happy life; dream of kissing a baby–something you thought was difficult will go very well; dream of kissing a hand, feet, cheek, neck–you have much respect for people;  dream of trying to avoid a kiss–you will experience a minor illness; dream of being kissed on the cheek–you are admired and respected as a friend. (Also see Making Out)


To dream of a bright and tidy kitchen is a sign there will be happiness in the family; dream of a newer or cleaner kitchen–great joy is coming.


To dream of a kite is a sign you are feeling a little childlike these days; dream of flying a kite–you will achieve your ambitions; dream the string on the kite breaks or the kite flies away–you are in for disappointment.


To dream of a kitten(s) and you are a woman is a sign of happy flirtation; dream of a kitten(s) and you are a man–disappointment in love; dream you kill a kitten–you are feeling frustrated in your relationship; dream you rescue a kitten–you want to help others who are lost in their life; dream a kitten turns into a puppy–you are looking for some companionship.


To dream of seeing or eating a kiwi is a sign you want to find some strength to move forward in a situation; dream of a kiwi bird–you are trying to avoid a situation going on in your life.


To dream of seeing or using a Kleenex tissue is a sign it is time to let go of the past and move on.


To dream of seeing or carrying a knapsack is a sign of your hopes, desires and secrets in your life; dream of a full knapsack–you will have a happy holiday; dream of an empty knapsack–money will be tight for awhile.


To dream of kneading something is a sign to stand up for yourself.


To dream of your knees is a sign your emotions are running very high and you feel you have too much to handle; dream of a swollen knee–business ventures are very risky right now; dream of a grazed knee–you are in for a long journey; dream of a bandaged knee–take life easy for awhile.


To dream of kneeling is a sign you are open to other people’s influences; dream of kneeling in a church–your wishes are about to come true.


To dream of a sharp knife is a sign that some personal disputes are going on; dream of a rusty knife–family troubles; dream of a broken knife–you will fail in love; dream of a penknife–you will have some legal problems; dream of a table knife–new successes are coming; dream of cutting yourself with a knife–pay up your debts. (Also see Blade or Pocket Knife)

Knife Grinder

To dream of seeing or using a knife grinder is a sign that you feel you have lost some of your freedom.


To dream of a knight is a sign that someone will sweep you off your feet; dream you are knighted–you are being recognized for the good you do for others.


To dream of knitting is a sign you will soon have some peace of mind; dream you are having troubles knitting–you are avoiding an issue going on in your life; dream of knitting needles–you are taking advantage of a situation in order to get your way; dream you are knitting a very intricate pattern–you will be starting a new friendship; dream you drop a stitch while knitting–your family life may have some problems for awhile.


To dream of a knob is a sign to get a handle on some of the issues you are facing in your life.


To dream of seeing or using a knocker is a sign that some opportunities are coming your way.


To dream you are knocking on something is a sign you are trying to live in the past, you can’t, so don’t even try, move on; dream someone is knocking–you will receive some good fortune; dream of knocking on a window–you will have a fight with your partner.


To dream of a knot(s) is a sign you will have a fight with someone close to you; dream of tying a knot–you are very independent and have everything under control; dream of untying a knot–you will have to reach a compromise with someone; dream of cutting a knot–you will likely split up with someone.


To dream of knuckles is a sign you are wasting your time and energy on something that will become nothing so be sure to change your ambitions.

Koala Bear

To dream of a koala bear is a sign you are seeking security and protection.

Koi Fish

To dream of koi fish is a sign you will overcome those challenges going on in your life; dream of a koi fish pond–you are a very loving person and have many friends.

Komodo Dragon

To dream of a komodo dragon is a sign to be more open minded in your thinking and when making decisions.


To dream of seeing or reading the Koran is a sign to listen to your subconscious thinking.


To dream of seeing the Kraken is a sign to keep all that anger inside of you under control.


To dream of Krishna is a sign of divine love in your life.


To dream of kumquats is a sign you will have much luck & prosperity in your life.