To dream of the letter J is a sign you need to hold on to something in your life.


To dream you have been jabbed is a sign to build up your confidence; dream of jabbing others–you are being too aggressive, try a more softer approach with people.


To dream of a Jabberwock is a sign you should be more focused in your life; dream of killing a Jabberwock–you overcome some obstacle(s) in your life.


To dream of a car jack is a sign that good change is coming to you; dream you are using a jack–watch out for gossip.

Jack Frost

To dream of Jack Frost is a sign you or someone has a hard time warming up to others.

Jack In The Box

To dream of a jack in the box toy is a sign you will receive a pleasant surprise.

Jack O’ Lantern

To dream of a Jack O’ Lantern is a sign you will be protected; dream of carving a Jack O’ Lantern–you are being very superficial.


To dream of a jackal(s) is a sign that someone wants to use your weaknesses against you, be careful and you can outwit them.


To dream of a jackdaw is a sign to be more giving to people.


To dream of a new jacket is a sign that money problems are coming; dream of an old jacket–you are about to receive a serious suggestion; dream of slipping into a jacket–you are keeping danger away; dream of taking off a jacket–danger is likely to catch up with you.


To dream of seeing or eating jackfruit is a sign of luck.


To dream of a jackhammer is a sign to make some major changes in your life.


To dream of hitting a jackpot is a sign you will have to work hard with little reward; dream someone else wins a jackpot–you will get something with very little effort than you thought it would take you.


To dream of seeing or playing with jacks is a sign you take advantage of everything life has to offer you.

Jacob’s Ladder

To dream of Jacob’s ladder is a sign your spiritual and physical sides are connecting and working together.


To dream of being in a Jacuzzi is a sign to get rid of all the negativity in your sex life.


To dream of jade is a sign of prosperity and a difficult task will be resolved.


To dream of a jaguar is a sign of speed and power.


To dream of a jail is an obstacle dream; dream of being released or escaped from jail–your problems will be short lived; dream of seeing others in jail–your worries will soon go away.


To dream of a jailbreak is a sign you have a hard time accepting the consequences of your actions; dream of breaking someone out of jail–you are compromising your beliefs.


To dream of a jailer is a sign you like to have control over others.


To dream of seeing or eating a jalapeno(s) is a sign you need more excitement in your life.


To dream of making jam is a sign you could be getting married; dream of eating jam alone–you are sad and lonely; dream of eating jam with others–you will make new friends.


To dream of a janitor is a sign to clean up something in your life.


To dream of the month of January is a sign you will lose in love and your relationship will come to an end.


To dream about Japan or being in Japan is a sign you have peace of mind and tranquility in your life.


To dream of a jar is a sign your social life is about to get very busy; dream the jar is empty–you will receive a letter from far away.


To dream of jasmine is a sign of happiness in your life.


To dream of jasper is a sign of longevity and healing is going on in your life.


To dream that you or someone has jaundice is a sign you are having trouble making a decision.


To dream of seeing or throwing a javelin or being stabbed by a javelin is a sign you are feeling that your freedom is being threatened.


To dream of your jaws is a sign that people will be gossiping about you, so be sure to fight back or your reputation could be ruined; dream of someone else’s jaws–someone will help you with your money matters; dream of the jaws of an animal–don’t rush into anything; dream of breaking or dislocating your jaw–don’t compromise your beliefs.


To dream of seeing or eating a jawbreaker is a sign a situation in your life may be hard to handle or control.

Jay Leno

To dream of Jay Leno is a sign of something important happening in your life.


To dream of a jaybird is a sign not to be overly confident in what you can do.


To dream of hearing jazz is a sign not to get involved in community affairs you can’t handle.


To dream of jealousy is a sign of problems with friends and your love life.


To dream of seeing or wearing jeans is a sign to be more relaxed in your approach to a situation; dream of ripped jeans–you could care less about something going on in your life; dream your jeans are too tight–you feel like you don’t have enough freedom in your life.


To dream of a jeep is a sign to get out and do more with your life and have fun.


To dream of being a Jedi is a sign you believe in your spiritual powers; dream of seeing a Jedi–you accept that there will be things in your life that will be hard but you will get through them as a better person.


To dream of jelly is a sign of lies and deceit around you; see yourself eating jelly–unhappiness in the family.


To dream of jellybeans is a sign of happiness.


To dream of jellyfish is a sign to be sure to always be yourself, don’t put on an act unless you want serious troubles.


To dream of a sudden jerk is a sign of an actual reaction your body feels as it is falling asleep and sometimes wakes you up.


To dream of being in Jerusalem is a sign you are feeling very lonely, so call up some friends.


To dream of a jester is a sign you are feeling embarrassed about something.  (Also See Clown)


To dream of Jesus is a sign your goals will become true and you will be helped through hard times and adversity that you face in your life; dream Jesus speaks to you or you pray with him–you will be pleased with joy and peace of mind; dream Jesus releases a white dove–you are receiving a spiritual message; dream of calling out the name of Jesus Christ–you need some help and guidance from a higher power.


To dream of a jet flying overhead is a sign of power and speed; dream of the color jet–you will receive some sad news; dream of a jet stone–you will experience some mourning and sadness.

Jet Fuel

To dream of seeing jet fuel is a sign you have lots of energy and always need to be doing something.

Jet Ski

To dream of a jet ski is a sign you are on a journey of self-discovery.


To dream of seeing or wearing a jetpack is a sign you will overcome some obstacles that you are facing in your life.


To dream of a jetty is a sign you need to find some calmness in your life; dream you are on a jetty–you are trying to get your emotions under control.


To dream of jewelry is a sign of how you feel about yourself; dream of giving or receiving jewelry–you are about to be very lucky; dream of real jewelry–your current interests will go very well; dream of costume jewelry–your vanity could lead you down the wrong path; dream of broken jewelry–you will have set backs in trying to achieve your goals; dream of stealing jewelry–you need to keep a watchful eye on your business; dream of wearing too much jewelry–try not to be so impulsive.

Jewelry Box

To dream of a jewelry box is a sign you need to realize the potential you have in reaching your goals and dreams in your life.


To dream of seeing or wearing jewels is a sign of much pleasure and ambition in your life; dream of finding jewels–you will have much success in your life.


To dream of dancing a jig by yourself is a sign that happy times are coming; dream of dancing the jig with a partner–you need to curb your sex life; dream of others dancing a jig–don’t be so generous with your money.

Jigsaw Puzzle

To dream of a jigsaw puzzle is a sign to solve a problem you have in your life; dream there are missing pieces to the jigsaw puzzle–you need more facts to make an informed decision.


To dream you have been jilted is a sign of good things to come in your love affair.


To dream of hearing a musical jingle is a sign a harmless flirtation is around the corner.

Jingling Bells

To dream of hearing jingling bells is a sign you will be very active socially.


To dream of dancing the jitterbug is a sign you are a very positive person.


To dream that you are out of a job/work is a sign you will soon have more opportunities to choose from; dream of offering jobs/work to others–you are getting over confident and could prove to be quite expensive; dream of looking for a job/work–you will be getting a promotion; dream of being offered a job/work–pay more attention to detail at your job.


To dream of seeing or being a jockey is a sign you feel very confident in your ability to accomplish things; dream of a jockey winning a race–your hopes and desires are about to come true.


To dream of jogging is a sign you are racing through life.


To dream of your joints is a sign you are open to what others have to say and will think about their suggestions; dream of joint issues–you are having issues coming to a final decision.


To dream of telling a joke is a sign you are feeling very frustrated because no one is taking you seriously; dream of hearing a joke–you are not feeling as tense as you were a while back; dream of a funny joke–you will have a fight with a friend.


To dream of a joker is a sign you can do anything you want as long as you set your mind to it; dream of a joker in a deck of cards–stop being lazy because someone else is getting rich while you sit back.

Joshua Tree

To dream of a Joshua Tree is a sign of strength and courage.


To dream of seeing, reading, or writing in a journal is a sign you would like to change something that has happened in your past; dream someone is reading your journal–you are keeping a secret.


To dream that you are on a journey is a sign of changes that are coming; dream of a pleasant journey–those changes will be very good; dream of an unpleasant journey–changes will not be good; dream your friend’s go on a journey–a good change is coming.


To dream you participate is a joust is a sign you are determined to keep moving forward no matter what is going on in your life; dream of watching a jousting match–approach a problem in your life head on.


To dream of having much joy in your life is a sign you have great relationships with friends and loved ones.


To dream of a jubilee is a sign of new beginnings coming into your life.


To dream of seeing Judas is a sign to be careful of new friends.


To dream of a judge is a sign you are feeling guilty about something.


To dream of being judged is a sign you need approval from someone in order to move forward in your life.


To dream of a jug is a sign of innocence and abstinence; dream of a full jug–you have some good friends; dream of drinking from a jug–you will have good health; dream of a broken jug–you will have an exciting new love affair; dream of an empty jug–there is something lacking in your life.


To dream of a juggler is a sign of a new opportunity involving a quick profit or promotion is about to present itself so don’t hesitate because all will be well.


To dream you are juggling is a sign you are feeling overwhelmed and trying to do too much at one time.


To dream of drinking juice is a sign that you will receive help in sorting out your money troubles; dream of serving juice–someone will ask you for money; dream of orange juice–a short love affair may be coming your way; dream of pineapple juice–work will go well.


To dream of a juicer is a sign you are feeling tired and need more energy.


To dream of a jukebox is a sign you should try harder at what you are doing.

Julius Caesar

To dream of Julius Caesar is a sign you have leadership abilities.


To dream of the month of July is a sign you will be very productive in what you are doing.


To dream of watching something on a Jumbotron/Jumbovision is a sign you like being part of the action and excitement that is going on in your life.


To dream that you are jumping is a sign you will overcome difficulties as long as you have patience; dream that you fail to jump–you have a fear of change.

Jump Rope/Jumping Rope

To dream of a jump rope or jumping rope is a sign you do a good job of executing your plans.

Jumper Cables

To dream of seeing or using jumper cables is a sign to start working hard on your goals and stop wasting time. (Also see Booster Cables)

Jumping Jacks

To dream of doing jumping jacks is a sign you should find more balance in your life.


To dream of a jumpsuit is a sign you are not sure of who you are and you don’t like feeling that way.


To dream of the month of June is a sign you will be successful in your endeavors.


To dream of being in a jungle is a sign you are feeling shy; dream of being lost or stuck in a jungle–you will run into some big problems; dream of making your way out of a jungle–you will sort through your problems.

Juniper Tree

To dream of a Juniper tree is a sign you will have negative times and positive times in your life.


To dream of junk is a sign you have a difficult decision to make so be sure to get advice from someone you respect. (Also see Garbage)

Junk Mail

To dream of junk mail is a sign to stop dwelling on the small things in life.


To dream of a junkyard is a sign you are keeping your fears and frustrations locked up inside you.


To dream of Jupiter is a sign you should explore your creativity.


To dream of seeing a jury is a sign you are too concerned about what other people think of you; dream of serving on a jury–stop listening to other people and rely on your own instincts; dream you see yourself before a jury–you will be recognized for something.

Jury Duty

To dream of being on jury duty is a sign that what you have to say is very important to others.


To dream about justice is a sign you feel you have been treated unfairly; dream of the justice lady with the scales–you will have a successful future.