To dream of the letter I is a sign to take responsibility for yourself.


To dream of ice is not a good sign; dream of a vast expanse of ice and snow–signs of danger and difficulties are coming; dream of an icy road or path–you want something more exciting to happen, you are feeling restless; dream of breaking through ice–your fears are groundless; dream of ice in a drink–you are wasting your time and money; dream of falling through ice–you are very emotional; dream of melting ice–you are accepting your negative emotions.

Ice Cream

To dream of eating ice cream is a sign your relationship is very secure; dream you serve, buy, or sell ice cream–some small successes are in your future; dream of seeing ice cream melt–you will fail to reach your hopes and dreams.

Ice Cream Truck

To dream of an ice cream truck is a sign you may miss some opportunities that come your way.

Ice Cube(s)

To dream of an ice cube(s) is a sign to get your temper under control.

Ice Pick

To dream of an ice pick is a sign you can be very cold towards others.

Ice Sculpture

To dream of an ice sculpture is a sign you are feeling stuck with where your life is right now.

Ice Skating

To dream that you or others are ice skating is a sign to trust in yourself and what you are doing.


To dream of an iceberg is a sign hidden obstacles are getting in your way but you will get around them.


To dream of icicles is a sign your deepest anxieties will soon disappear; dream of dripping icicles–hang on tight to your money; dream of icicles forming–you feel you have to solve your problems all by yourself.

Identity Theft

To dream of being a victim of identity theft is a sign that someone else wants to take credit for what you have done; dream you steal someone’s identity–you feel you can’t be yourself.


To dream of seeing or being an idiot is a sign your own intelligence will help you to be very successful.


To dream of worshiping an idol is a sign you are in for a major disappointment; dream of a wooden idol–you need to be more careful; dream of a gold idol–jealousy is around you; dream you are idling–you don’t know what to do and are bored.


To dream of seeing or living in an igloo is a sign you can come across as a cold and uncaring person but deep inside you have a very warm heart and care a lot about other people. (Also see Eskimo)


To dream of being ignored is a sign to pay more attention to yourself or to details; dream you or someone is ignorant–you don’t believe in yourself.


To dream of an iguana is a sign you will attend an unusual social gathering and meet new friends.


To dream you are ill or sick is a sign perplexing problems are predicted; dream of others being ill–a promise is about to be broken; dream of poor health in general–do not gamble; dream of a terminal illness–life is too precious to waste time, make the most of your life at all times. (Also see Sick/Sickness)


To dream of a bright illumination is a sign good fortune is coming your way; dream of a strange illumination–your subconscious is trying to tell you something; dream of an illuminated face is a sign–you have found the answer to a problem.


To dream about your image is a sign you are very concerned about how people perceive you by just looking at you and not getting to know you as a person.


To dream you imitate someone is a sign you are going through a jealous stage in your life; dream you are being imitated–people respect you and are looking up to you.


To dream of being immobile is a sign not to be so rigid in making a decision. (Also see Paralyzed)


To dream of being impatient is a sign not to make any hasty decisions because you are in for a very confusing time.


To dream of impersonating someone is a sign you are going through a jealous phase in your life.


To dream of getting or having breast implants is a sign you feel insecure about how you look.


To dream you are impotent is a sign success will go well in your love life and other interests too.


To dream of your in-law is a sign there are many different ways to associate and work with people.


To dream of an inauguration is a sign people want to make a big deal of all your accomplishments.


To dream of smelling incense is a sign your troubles will soon be over; dream of smoke from incense–you can put your hopes into practice.


To dream of incest is a sign not to give into temptation no matter who tries to persuade you or you will regret it forever.


To dream of an incision is a sign you could be in for some legal trouble so be sure to have your paperwork in order.


To dream of a large income is a sign of money troubles coming your way; dream of a small or low income–your money troubles will go away.

Income Tax

To dream of income tax is a sign you won’t be able to help that friend you were hoping to help, and don’t believe “the check’s in mail”.

Incredible Hulk

To dream of the Incredible Hulk is a sign to keep your anger under control.


To dream of an incubator is a sign you need to relax and stop worrying so much because all will go well; dream you are in an incubator–you are trying to escape some of your burdens in life.


To dream of compiling an index is a sign you are in for a promotion; dream of looking at an index–you sex life is about to improve.


To dream of being in the country of India is a sign you are very determined to overcome life’s challenges that you are facing.


To dream of an Indian(s) is a sign you need to depend more on yourself than on others; dream that Indians are on the warpath–there is treachery among your friends. (Also see Native American)

Indoor Plants

To dream of indoor plants is a sign you lack independence and you are not growing as a person.


To dream of an infant is a sign of something new happening in your life. (Also see Baby)


To dream you have an infection is a sign you are keeping negative thoughts inside of you and need to let them go.


To dream of infidelity by your partner or a friend is a sign you can actually trust them; dream of seeing yourself being unfaithful–you will face some temptations that you must try and resist.


To dream of inflating something is a sign your ego is getting out of control.

Inflatable Bed/Inflatable Mattress

To dream of seeing or sleeping on an inflatable bed is a sign you are not into a situation or relationship for the long term; dream of inflating an air mattress–your relationship is too one sided.


To dream of an inheritance is exactly what you think it should be, a legacy is on its way.


To dream of an initiation is a sign of changing things to come.


To dream you are being injected for medical reasons is a sign you need some time to heal about something that happened to you; dream someone is forcing you to be injected with something–you are feeling very negative about something going on or about a person in your life. (Also see Syringe)


To dream you are injured is a sign to work on some past hurts to get over them and move on.


To dream of ink is a sign of your creativity and you have a new way of looking at things in life; dream of spilling ink–you could experience a loss or a separation; dream of an ink stain–you may become ill; dream of bottles of ink–you will find a solution to your problems; dream of pouring ink into a pot–you will be traveling soon.


To dream of an inmate is a sign your worries will soon be going away: dream an inmate escapes–you will have some ups and downs because someone is getting in your way; dream you are an inmate–you are experiencing a loss of freedom in some area of your life.


To dream of an inn is a sign you are making some changes in your life; dream an inn is abandoned or run down–you feel as if you are losing part of your identity.

Inner Tube/Inner Tubing

To dream of an inner tube is a sign you are not sure about your emotions; dream you are inner tubing–you are experiencing some emotional ups and downs.


To dream of an inoculation is a sign money will be tight for awhile, but don’t worry you will be back on your feet soon.


To dream of an inquest is a sign you will be taking on some new responsibilities; dream you are part of an inquisition–stop dwelling on the past and get on with your future..


To dream you are afflicted by insanity or are insane is a sign good news is coming your way; dream others are insane–you will receive an unpleasant surprise.


To dream of seeing an inscription is a sign your subconscious is trying to tell you something.


To dream about insects is a sign you have some obstacles to overcome; dream of killing insects–troubles become easier to deal with.

  • Ants:  if you see them at work can mean that business matters will go well; if you see them in the house could mean an illness in the family; see ants on your food and you will be happy.
  • Bedbugs:  unpleasant news is about to arrive; kill them and things will eventually get better.
  • Bees:  hard work and success; if you get stung by one–you will get into a minor situation with someone; kill a bee or see dead bees–an acquaintance or a so-called friend will do you out of something; buzzing bees–equal good news.
  • Beetles:  jealousy and hostility surround you; kill them and your difficulties are temporary.
  • Butterfly:  a colorful butterfly means your life will be so full you won’t know which way to turn; a dead one–is a sign of danger.
  • Caterpillars:  mean jealousy and someone is out to humiliate you.
  • Earwigs:  someone doesn’t like you and wants to cause you trouble.
  • Fleas:  someone you know is being malicious or gossiping; get rid of the fleas–get rid of the backstabber.
  • Fly/Flies:  jealousy in your life; get rid of them, get rid of troublemakers.
  • Gnats:  troubles from jealous friends; get rid of them and troubles go away.
  • Mantis:  something devious within your life.
  • Mosquitoes:  flying high above means good fortune; bite you–you are jealous of someone; hear them buzzing–you’re the subject of gossip.
  • Moths:  try and catch it means someone is jealous of you; kill one–you will outwit your rivals; moth holes in material/clothing–there will be sadness in the family.
  • Roaches:  need to reevaluate a major part of your life, and need some self cleaning.
  • Spider(s):  are good luck; kill one–good news is coming; see it spinning–money is on the way; climbing a wall–the things that matter the most will go well; spider in a web–someone close to you is using you and you feel trapped.
  • Wasp:  is danger; a relationship is holding you back, time to break it off.
  • Worm(s):  warn of illness; if used as bait–is a sign of material gain; kill them–your efforts will be successful.


To dream of seeing or using insecticide is a sign you are feeling very anxious about a situation going on in your life.


To dream of being inside is a sign you have some relationship issues that need to be resolved.

Inside Out

To dream of turning your clothes inside out is a sign you want to protect yourself from getting hurt; dream you wear your clothes inside out–you like to do things differently from everyone else.


To dream of seeing an insignia is a sign you will make progress despite hostile competition; dream of wearing an insignia–an exciting new love affair is coming your way.


To dream of a food inspection is a sign someone close to you may be trying to undermine you; dream of a house inspection–people give you a bad time about how you look; dream of a car inspection–time to re-evaluate your goals.


To dream of seeing instructions is a sign you need help in trying to figure out what you are going to do; dream of instructions to put together furniture–get out more and see people; dream of instructions for electronics–simplify your life. (Also see Directions)


To dream of musical instruments is a sign of harmony and happiness in your life; dream of medical or surgical instruments–your family is putting obstacles in your way; dream of navigational instruments–you made a bit of a blunder at work and need to fix it.


To dream you have been insulted is a sign you are going through some emotional problems; dream you insult someone–you need to make some changes in your life in order end an unhappy phase you are in.


To dream of buying insurance is a sign you future looks good; dream of collecting insurance–you will be faced with a set-back in your life.


To dream of enjoying intercourse is a sign you will make a good adjustment to new things coming your way; dream of others having intercourse–success is coming to you. (Also see Sex/Sexuality)


To dream of the internet is a sign you want to get to know a large group of people.


To dream of an interpreter is a sign you may have some money problems.


To dream you are being interrogated is a sign of a pleasant surprise coming your way; dream you are doing the interrogation–you have troubles forming lasting relationships.


To dream of an interstate is a sign of the direction your life will be taking; dream of a straight, smooth interstate–you will have a feeling of inner peace; dream of a winding and bumpy interstate–you will be stressed. (Also see Road or Street)


To dream that you are at an interview is a sign you feel you are being judged by others; dream you are interviewing celebrities–a pleasant meeting is around the corner; dream of interviewing a politician–you have a rebellious streak; dream of a job interview–a major change in your life is coming.


To dream of being intoxicated is a sign you are losing control of your life; dream of seeing someone intoxicated in a bar–your health is poor; dream of being intoxicated in the street–you are spending too much; dream of a singing intoxicated–you need to find more confidence in yourself.


To dream of an element of intrigue is a sign you need to be more discreet in the future.


To dream of an intruder is a sign you are feeling guilty about something in your life.  (Also See Prowler)


To dream of being invaded is a sign your true self is being questioned and you feel that you need to defend yourself; dream of invading someone else–you have some anger and frustrations that you need to let go of; dream of an invasion is a sign you need to be more assertive and stand up for yourself. (Also see Attack/Attacked/Attacking)


To dream of an invalid is a sign you depend on others too much; dream you are an invalid–success will be slow in coming to you.


To dream of an invention is a sign a wish is about to come true.


To dream that you are an inventor is a sign you are very creative; dream of seeing an inventor–you will accomplish much in your life.


To dream of taking inventory of something is a sign of abundance in your life.


To dream of an investigator is a sign that a mystery will soon be resolved; dream you are an investigator–you are trying to bring out your hidden talents; dream you are being followed by an investigator–you are feeling guilty about something going on in your life.


To dream you are invisible is a sign you feel like you are being overlooked for something you have done.


To dream of receiving or responding to an invitation is a sign you are about to enter a boring phase in your life that will cause you to get depressed; dream of a verbal invitation–your social life will improve.


To dream of using or seeing iodine is a sign you make your own troubles but you can make things right.


To dream of an iPad is a sign you want to be up with the times and be able to connect with people.


To dream of an iPod is a sign you want something to take you away from everyday living; dream of losing your iPod–let go of the past.


To dream of an Iris is a sign of peace in your life.


To dream of an iron object is a sign you will have good luck coming your way; dream of rusty iron–you will have physical strength; dream of molten/melted iron–you will be very happy in your love life; dream of red, hot iron–be sure to take advantage of an opportunity that comes your way; dream of a clothes iron–you need to solve some small problems before they get bigger.


To dream of ironing something is a sign you like things to be in order in your life; dream you get burned while ironing–you need to stop getting involved in other people’s problems.


To dream of being Islam is a sign to straighten out your life and get in under control.


To dream of being on an island is a sign you are feeling very bored and lonely; dream the island is inhabited–something will cheer you up; dream of being stranded on an island–you want to get away from the stress of what is going on in your life; dream of palm trees on an island–you will be disappointed by a good friend.


To dream of Israel is a sign of conflict in your life.


To dream you have an itch is a sign you are worrying too much, you need to lighten up; dream of itchy feet–you are looking for some new experiences in your life; dream of itchy hands–you will be lucky in money; dream of an itchy nose–be careful not to make mistakes at work. (Also see Scratch)


To dream of ivory is a sign you will have good luck.


To dream of seeing ivy indoors is a sign you will be happy; dream of seeing ivy outdoors–true friends; dream of ivy growing on a house–money is coming your way; dream of ivy twisting around a tree–you will be healthy; dream of withered ivy–something will make you feel sad.