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To dream of the letter F is a sign you may fail at something going on in your life.


To dream of living a fable is a sign to face a situation going on in your life head on; dream of reading fables–be sure to listen to a message being told to you.


To dream of fabric is a sign you are the one to shape your life by using your own creativity.


To dream about seeing your face or seeing it in a mirror is a sign that a secret is about to be revealed; dream of a happy face–your life will be happy; dream of a sad face–trouble is coming; dream of the face of someone you know–a celebration is in the future; dream of a stranger’s face–you will be traveling; dream of a man’s face–you are confident in your future; dream of a woman’s face–you are not sure of yourself; dream of washing your face–you need to tell the truth; dream of pimples or scars on your face or–you are getting very emotional; dream of a swollen face–finances will get better; dream of someone with two faces–you can’t trust them; dream a face is cracked or cracking–there is deception going on around you or a big lie has been told; dream a face is blurry–don’t trust this person, you are being deceived; dream your face warps into a bubble–be sure to express yourself, you are keeping too much inside.

Face Cream

To dream of face cream is a sign you are a beautiful person and want people to see that side of you.

Face Lift

To dream of seeing or having a face lift is a sign you are concerned about how you look on the outside instead of how you look on the inside, you are looking for a new self-image.

Face Paint

To dream of seeing or wearing face paint is a sign you are finding it hard to express how you are feeling.


To dream about a Facebook page or posting is a sign you want to meet more people and expand your social network.


To dream of a faceless person or figure is a sign you are still trying to figure out who you are.


To dream of getting a facial is a sign you are feeling guilty about something going on in your life.

Facial Hair

See Beard or Mustache


To dream of a factory is a sign you will struggle for awhile but will be successful in the end; dream of working in a factory–good changes are coming your way.


To dream you are fainting is a sign you have trouble confronting problems and issues; dream of a family member fainting–that person will display some indiscretions.


To dream of being at a fair is a sign your social life is going to improve; dream of others going to the fair–things will be changing for the better.


To dram of a fairy/fairies is a sign your wishes will come true when you least expect it.

Fairy Tale

To dream of being in a fairy tale is a sign you are trying to reach your full potential in life; dream you are reading a fairy tale–you are a very romantic person.


See Cheat/Cheated/Cheating


To dream that someone or something is fake is a sign you are afraid to show people your true self, don’t try to be something you are not.

Fake Eyelashes

See False Eyelashes


To dream of falling is very common and is a sign of fear in your real life, perhaps of failing at work or in your love life, it also expresses a need to let yourself go and to enjoy life more; dreaming of falling can often stem from isolation even if you are a very successful person. Falling in the dream is an unfulfilled need for support and affection and often occurs when you are feeling misunderstood or unaccepted in a situation; dream of falling a long way–expect severe reverses in your life; dream of falling a short distance–things won’t go so bad for you; dream you land without hurting yourself–setbacks will be temporary; dream you get hurt from falling–you are in for a hard time; dream of seeing others falling–you will get promoted at work; dream of falling out of bed–you are being over sensitive; dream of falling on the floor–don’t trust a friend; dream of falling into water–you will be having money troubles; dream of free falling with a parachute–your love life will be good; dream the parachute fails in the fall–someone you trust is about to let you down; dream of the season fall–something in your life is about to end, but something new is about to begin.


See Deception

False Eyelashes

To dream of false eyelashes is a sign a secret will be uncovered and you need help deciding whether to tell anyone about the secret.

False Teeth

To dream of wearing false teeth is a sign to stop being dishonest; dream of others wearing false teeth or just seeing false teeth–someone is not being honest with you.


To dream of being famous or have acquired fame is a sign you may be trying for something that is out of your reach and you constantly need reassurance you can reach it; dream of famous people–you will be very prosperous. (Also see Celebrity/Celebrities)


To dream of your own family is a sign that important news is on the way; dream of a large family–you are very comfortable when it comes to money but you may need to make some sacrifices; dream of abandoning a family–money problems are coming.

  • Aunt: you will benefit from your family connections.
  • Brother: dream of an older brother–you will be doing something that takes much bravery; dream of a younger brother–there will be a family fight; dream of a brother being bad–look for some good luck to come your way.
  • Cousin: your worries will go away.
  • Daughter: you will be receiving news of significant value; dream of a bad daughter–future is uncertain.
  • Father: take advice from a more mature person; dream your father as healthy–you will receive support from someone; dream your father is ill–don’t lose faith in yourself; dream you father is dieing or died–you will gain much respect by what you are about to take on in your life.
  • Grandparents: are signs of security and protection; dream of seeing yourself as a grandparent–high ambitions will be achieved.
  • Husband: dream of your own husband–troubles in the marriage for awhile; dream of someone else’s husband–you need to take things more seriously; dream of seeing yourself with a husband but you are single–you are in for a big fight in your current relationship; dream your husband is cheating–you have fears of being abandoned, you have fears that he is not truly committed to the relationship.
  • Mother: sign of the nurturing side of yourself, and is showing guidance and protection; dream your mother crying–you are being overly anxious.
  • Mother-in-law: beware of a potential family situation that could arise.
  • Nephew: is a sign there is something you need to recognize within yourself.
  • Niece: is a sign there is something you need to recognize within yourself.
  • Sister: for a man seeing your sister-emotional security; for a woman seeing your sister–domestic troubles.
  • Son: is a sign of success; dream your son is unmarried-problems need to be dealt with; dream your son is married–family worries are soon to come.
  • Uncle: is a sign of new ideas.
  • Wife: is a sign you have some unresolved issues.


To dream of a fan is all about your love life; dream you fan yourself–you are in for an embarrassing entanglement; dream that others are fanning you–you are playing the field too much; dream of losing a fan–stop flirting or you will lose your mate.


To dream of fangs is a sign you have hurt others by your words to them.


To dream of someone or something far away is a sign you feel distant from what you saw in the distance, you may be feeling like you are all alone. (Also see Distance)


To dream of a seeing or living on a farm is a sign you are ready to become a better you; dream of a well-kept farm–you will have good health and money coming your way; dream of a run-down farm–you will have a loss of property and money; dream you own the farm–you will succeed at your job; dream you work on the farm–you will get something your fellow workers won’t get.


To dream of a farmer is a sign you are a very productive person.


To dream about fashion is a sign you need to be the person inside you and not depend on how you look; dream of a glossy fashion magazine or models–you need to have more fun in your life.

Fast Food

To dream of fast food is a sign to take better care of your physical and emotional needs.

Fast Forward

To dream that your life is in fast forward movement is a sign to slow down because you are moving too fast in your life, you need to enjoy life more.


To dream you or someone is fasting is a sign you want are having problems and want someone to pay attention to you.


To dream you or others are fat is a sign you will have very few worries; dream of eating fat–you will have a good love life; dream of cooking with fat–your business will prosper. (Also see Obese)


To dream about your fate is a sign you are trying to figure out your goals in life.


To dream of your father is a sign to take advice from a more mature person; dream your father is healthy–you will receive support from someone; dream your father is ill–don’t lose faith in yourself; dream your father died–you will gain much respect by what you are about to take on in your life.


To dream about your father-in-law is a sign you need to be more cautious in giving your point of view to others.


To dream of feeling fatigue or seeing others fatigued is a sign that a relationship is coming to an end.


To dream of a faucet is a sign you have a lot of control over your emotions and can turn them on and off whenever you want; dream you can’t turn on the faucet or that no water comes out of the faucet–you are feeling very sad these days; dream of a leaky or dripping faucet–you are feeling emotionally drained by someone or something going on in your life.


To dream of a faun is a sign you are up to no good.


To dream of asking for a favor is a sign you need to ask someone for help; dream of granting a favor–you are very compassionate towards others.


To dream of a fawn is a sign you have good friends and lots of love in your life; dream of the color fawn–you are a very kind person.

FAX Machine

To dream of a FAX machine is a sign your subconscious is trying to tell you something, be sure to listen to it.


To dream you are in the FBI is a sign you always do the right thing, you have much integrity; dream the FBI is after you–you are feeling guilty about something.


To dream that you feel fear is a sign you will find the courage to conquer any difficulties that come your way; dream your worse dreams are coming true–you are resistant to change. (Also see Scared)


To dream of a feast is a sign troubles are coming your way; dream of preparing a feast–someone else will get what you have been wanting; dream of arriving late to a feast–something is bothering you; dream you are stuffing your face or gorging at a feast–you are too demanding; dream you didn’t get any food at a feast–you put others first. (Also see Banquet)


To dream of feathers is a sign that good luck will bring you a boat load of money; dream of things made from feathers like a boa–social success; dream of a white feather–long lasting friendship.


To dream of the month of February is a sign of love and your need to be loved.


To dream of playing with feces is a sign you are stressed over money matters; dream of seeing or coming in contact with feces–you feel dirty and undesirable about yourself; dream you are unable to dispose of feces–you hold on too tight to your emotions. (Also see Bowel Movement or Defecate/Defecated/Defecating)


See Emotions


See Fall/Falling


To dream of feet is a sign of freedom and independence; dream of big feet — your health is very good; dream of small feet–stop worrying; dream of itchy feet–travel is in your future; dream of bare feet–be careful with members of the opposite sex; dream of dirty feet–don’t give money to anyone; dream of a broken foot–you may lose a relative; dream you have your feet stepped on–stop gossiping; dream of washing your feet–you can be easily taken advantage of; dream of your feet being kissed–you are a humble and devoted person.


See Woman/Women


To dream of a ferret is a sign not to get involved in gossip.


To dream of seeing or traveling on a ferry is a sign that efforts at work will be recognized; dream of waiting for a ferry–something ahead my keep you from reaching your goals.


To dream you have a fever is a sign you are worrying too much, stop it and enjoy life; dream of others having a fever–exciting time are coming your way.

Fictional Character

To dream of a fictional character is a sign you want to escape from the reality of your own life.


To dream of green healthy fields is a sign you will be very happy and rich; dream of dry, dead, or barren fields–you will end up going in the opposite direction; dream of a newly plowed field–you will have to make some sacrifices to get what you want.

Field Trip

To dream of going on a field trip is a sign you are going through some changes in your life.


To dream of seeing a fiend is a sign you need to confront your fears.


To dream of fighting is a sign you have a few people working against you; dream of winning a fight–those working against you won’t be able to do you any harm; dream of others fighting–you are wasting your time and money on too many pleasures, so try to cut back and do some good hard work.


To dream of figs is a sign that you will get into an embarrassing situation with the opposite sex, try and avoid it from happening.


To dream of mysterious figures is a sign you are very confused about some things going on in your life.


To dream of a figurehead, like on a ship, is a sign you want to protect your emotions.


To dream of a file or see files is a sign to be clear about what you are saying to avoid gossip; dream of filing something away–be sure to get your life in order; dream of a nail file–you are being too hard on people.

File Cabinet

To dream of a file cabinet is a sign to make sure your facts are correct; dream the drawers on the file cabinet are opened–you are very open to what others have to say, or are open to their opinions; dream the file cabinet is locked–you need to be more open minded about things.

File Cart

To dream of seeing or using a file cart is a sign you need to be a responsible person.


To dream of watching a film at the cinema is a sign of new things coming your way; dream of camera film–you have something bad about someone who likes you; dream of developing film–you will be starting a new relationship; dream of broken film–your job is very secure.


To dream of finding something is a sign that something you have kept hidden inside yourself is coming to the surface; dream of finding someone–your relationships are going in a new direction. (Also see Discover/Discovered/Discovering/Discovery)


To dream of a pointing finger is a sign you will be moving; dream of a bandaged finger–you will barely avoid a disaster; dream of a cut finger–you will have to work very hard for awhile; dream of a missing finger–you will have some legal troubles that will most likely involve money; dream of short stubby fingers–you will meet new friends.


To dream of long fingernails is a sign of trouble with a mate; dream of short fingernails–surprise gift is coming; dream of polishing your fingernails–don’t be impulsive; dream of a broken fingernail–discontentment with your life; dream of cutting your fingernails–your prestige will soar; dream of biting your fingernails–see a doctor and get a check up; dream of a nail file–you are being too hard on people. (Also see Nails)


To dream of fingerprints is a sign money problems are coming; dream of being fingerprinted–help from a friend is coming.


To dream of fire is an important element in a dream. It is a powerful symbol indicating a period of renewal and a certain amount of painful reflection; dream you build or stoke a fire–love is on its way; dream of putting out a fire–you will overcome some problems; dream of setting a fire–you need to control your temper; dream of seeing fire burning–trouble is coming; dream of a house or building on fire–a close friend or relationship is going to need your help; dream of fire and water together–something in your life is pulling you in two different directions. (Also see Burn/Burned/Burning or Combustion)

Fire Drill

To dream of a fire drill is a sign to pay more attention to things going on in your life.

Fire Eater

To dream of a fire eater is a sign you are doing a good job keeping your anger under control.

Fire Engine

To dream of a fire engine is a sign you will by lucky in money; dream of driving a fire engine–you will get out of an embarrassing situation.

Fire Escape

To dream of a fire escape is a sign your finances are in trouble, you need to pay off those credit cards; dream you leave by a fire escape–you need to pay off your debt.

Fire Extinguisher

To dream of seeing or using a fire extinguisher is a sign you need to get your emotions under control.

Fire Place

To dream of a fire place is a sign you will soon have peace and contentment in your life.

Fire Truck

See Fire Engine


To dream of a fireball is a sign you have a tendency to be self destructive.


To dream of a firebrand is a sign someone could cause you some trouble.


To dream of being fired from your job is a sign you want to end a relationship or a situation going on in your life; dream you fire someone–someone you thought was a friend really isn’t & you need to cut ties with them.


To dream of seeing fireworks is a sign you are trying to be a show off to others.


To dream of fish swimming in clear water is a sign that money and power are coming your way; dream of eating or cooking fish–current projects will be successful; dream of baiting a fish hook–you will have a hot sexual affair; dream of a dead or rotting fish–you will receive a pay raise; dream of catching a fish–represents insights that have been brought to the surface; dream of cleaning a fish–you are holding back on how you really feel about something in order to spare hurt feelings; dream of fish bones–you have gained wisdom from thoughts and ideas that have already been brought to your attention; dream of fish scales–you have a false friend.

  • Anchovies: you are lucky at everything.
  • Crab: watch out for business and love rivals; dream of cooking a crab–is a good sign if you are a betting person but don’t put everything on one bet.
  • Eels: you are about to switch jobs but be wary of your new boss.
  • Goldfish: if you are single you will marry into money, if you are married you may be getting divorced; dream of a gold fish in a bowl–money is on its way.
  • Jellyfish: be sure to always be yourself, don’t put on an act unless you want serious troubles.
  • Koi fish: you will overcome those challenges going on in your life.
  • Lobster: you will be stopped by some annoying challenges; dream you serve, eat, or cook a lobster–someone will repay the money they borrowed, or you will find something that has been lost for awhile.
  • Mussels: you will become more popular if you eat mussels.
  • Octopus: you are very adventurous; dream an octopus is killed–your morality is taking over on a particular issue; dream an octopus is attacked–trouble is looming; dream of two octopuses–you are extremely dependent in your relationship.
  • Oyster: you are jealous and this will cause issues with your mate; dream of a pearl inside an oyster–you are about to make a mistake at work; dream of buying oysters–watch out for your health; dream of eating oysters–tension is coming in your family because they don’t understand what you are involved in.
  • Salmon: dream of salmon–you can make up with your lover if you really care; dream of salmon in a tin–an adventure is coming.
  • Sardines: dream your are eating fresh sardines–someone is jealous of you; dream of sardines in a tin–don’t hide your feeling of resentment, be sure to talk to someone about them.
  • Scallops: dream of eating scallops–things will be improving; dream of raw scallops–surprise travel is in the works.
  • Shark: dream of a shark–be extra cautious of your friends and money matters.
  • Shrimp: dream of shrimp–fun social events are coming.
  • Whale: dream of a whale–you may be feeling overwhelmed or anxious about a project at work or a relationship.

Fish Eye(s)

To dream of a seeing or eating fish eyes is a sign you need to get more information about a situation going on in your life.

Fish Hook

To dream of a fish hook is a sign you have personal feelings for someone you have known for a long time. (Also see Hook)

Fish Market

To dream of seeing or going to a fish market is a sign happiness is coming your way; dream of decayed or rotting fish at the fish market–even a happy situation can bring on stress.

Fish Tank

To dream of a fish tank is a sign your emotions are always under control; dream of watching fish in the tank–your life is at a standstill; dream of seeing yourself living in a fish tank–you are not very social and stay to yourself; dream of cleaning a fish tank–you have good control over your feelings.


To dream of seeing or being a fisherman is a sign you are trying to find a solution to your problem.


To dream of fishing is a sign you are confronting your hidden emotions; dream of a fishing rod–you are ready to confront those hidden emotions; dream of fish hooks–you may be tricked into doing something you don’t really want to do.

Fishing Fleet

To dream of a fishing fleet in the harbor is a sign your life will be very peaceful; dream a fishing fleet is going out to sea–worries are coming; dream of a naval fleet–some responsibilities will be going away; dream of a fleet of sailing ships–you will get a second chance at something you originally thought you had failed at.

Fishing Rod

To dream of seeing or using a fishing rod is a sign you are ready to solve those problems that you have been putting off for awhile.


To dream of fizzy types of drinks is a sign that exciting times are coming your way; dream of sweet fizzy drinks–you will have a passionate affair.


To dream of a flag flying is a sign you will be attending many events; dream of your national flag–you have a sense of duty to your country; dream of raising a flag or lowering a flag–money is coming your way; dream of a flag at half mast–try to let go of your past; dream of a display of flags–someone likes you; dream of waving a flag–something has been bothering you; dream of a red flag–danger is lurking around so you need to stop what you have been doing; dream of a white flag–you are surrendering to something; dream of a checkered flag–you have been successful in a project you have been working on.


To dream of a flagpole is a sign your life is very stable and you have a lot of people that support you in whatever you do.


To dream of a flickering flame is a sign you will soon be disappointed; dream of a red flame–you need to keep your temper under control; dream of a bright flame–you will be happy.


To dream you or someone is dancing the flamenco is a sign you enjoy life to the fullest.


To dream of a flamingo is a sign you will have new experiences in new places.


To dream of seeing or wearing flannel is a sign you feel very good about yourself and where you are with your life at this point in time.


To dream of a flash is a sign you will have a major change in your life because of an exciting new idea you thought of.

Flash Mob

To dream of a flash mob is a sign you are being very co-operative in your life; dream you participate in a flash mob–you like being part of a group.


To dream of a flasher is a sign you are very frustrated with the intimacy in your love life.


To dream of a flashlight is a sign you are able to figure out anything that is going on in your life.


To dream of a flea(s) is a sign someone you know is being malicious or gossiping; dream of getting rid of the fleas–get rid of the backstabber; dream a flea bites you–people who you thought were friends are spreading rumors about you.

Flea Market

To dream of being at a flea market is a sign you don’t feel people appreciate you.


To dream of fleece is a sign you are feeling very secure about yourself.


To dream of a fleet of sailing ships is a sign you will get a second chance at something you thought you had failed at; dream of a naval fleet–you will be released from unnecessary responsibilities; dream of a fishing fleet in a harbor–your life will be very peaceful; dream of a rapidly moving fleet–business will change very dramatically.


To dream of seeing your flesh is a sign you have a lot of physical desires; dream of flesh being eaten–you are feeling very stressed out.


To dream of flies is a sign of jealousy in your life; dream of getting rid of or killing flies–get rid of trouble makers in your life; dream of white colored flies–you will experience some changes in your life.


To dream of an airline flight is a sign the project you are working on will do well; dream of a flight being delayed–you are not prepared with the project you are working on; dream you miss your flight–you are feeling like you are being held back in your life.

Flight Attendant

To dream of a flight attendant is a sign you will doing some traveling in the near future; dream you are a flight attendant–you are working on a project that needs your attention.


To dream of flint is a sign of longevity in things that you pursue.


To dream of something flipping is a sign of exciting times ahead; dream you are flipping something–you are feeling regret about something in your life.

Flip Flops

To dream of seeing or wearing flip flops is a sign you need to find time to relax and have fun.


To dream of wearing flippers is a sign you are ready to let go of the past in order to move forward in your life.


To dream of flirting is a sign you are looking for intimacy and may be getting involved in a relationship in the near future; dream your significant other is flirting with someone–you are having some communication issues in your relationship.


To dream of using or seeing plastic or rubber floats is a sign a reconciliation is coming. (Also see Parade Float)


To dream you are floating is a sign that awesome success is coming your way; dream of floating on water–you are in control of your emotions; dream of floating on air–you feel free of all you problems.


To dream of a small flood is a sign your troubles will not last very long; dream of a raging flood–you will have some worries and life will be hard for awhile; dream you are swept away in a flood–don’t trust a member of the opposite sex because, they are using you; dream you escape from a flood–someone will help you to overcome some challenges you are experiencing.


To dream of a floor is a sign you have a sound foundation, a great support system, and great sense of security; dream of a wooden floor–someone will show you sympathy; dream of a marble floor–trouble with your love life; dream of a tiled floor–you are easily influenced by others and you need to stand on your own two feet; dream of a clean floor–an old flame will come back into your life; dream of a dirty floor–you will get some money that you thought you  wouldn’t see again; dream of washing or sweeping a floor–be careful in everything you do; dream you arise from a floor–trouble is coming your way.


To dream of a florist and you are single is a sign a new love is coming into your life; dream of a florist and you are married–troubles in your relationship.


To dream about flour is a sign you are in excellent health and life is good; dream of cooking with flour–your family will get good news.


To dream about fresh and colorful flowers is a sign you will be happier than you ever have been in your life; dream of dead or wilted flowers–beware of your overconfidence and carelessness; dream of artificial flowers–be sure not to compromise your principles even if you are under pressure; dream of wild flowers–something adventurous is about to happen; dream of flowers in bloom–be careful of a secret, it could end up hurting you; dream of fake flowers–a friend is jealous of you; dream of pulling petals from a flower or see the petals falling off the flower–you are about to lose a good friend or split up with your partner; dream of a flower garden–try to be more nurturing; dream of a bouquet of flowers–you are admired by people; dream of a vase full of flowers–your finances are about to improve immensely. (See specific flowers for more interpretations)

Flower Bud

To dream of a flower bud is a sign of the beginning of a new experience or relationship.


To dream of hearing or playing a flute is a sign that happy times are coming to you at home and in your love life.


To have dreams about flying are very common dreams and relate to your sexuality and often relates to your lack of experience in sexual matters. Flying also indicates you are not happy and are not in control of your life. Flying also represents your ambitions; dream you see yourself flying successfully–expect to achieve your ambitions with little effort; dream you are trying to fly and failing to fly–you are hoping for too much and you need to pick easier tasks and goals; dream you are flying over something–you are on top of the situation and have overcome some challenges; dream you have fear when flying–you are afraid of challenges you have in your life.


To dream of fog at sea is a sign your love life is in trouble; dream of fog on land–be patient in a business deal you have going on, it will all work out for the best.


To dream of food is generally a good sign of physical and emotional energies; dream you don’t have enough food–you need to do more planning to make sure you don’t run out; dream of fruit–symbolic of your sensuality; dream of meat–symbolic of your animalistic desires; dream of vegetables–pertains to your healthy pursuits; dream of frozen foods–your emotions could be cold and frigid; dream you see yourself selling food–money is coming; dream you see yourself buying food–a family celebration is coming; dream of eating Chinese, Italian, or Mexican food–may be a reminder of your home life; dream of hording or storing food–you have a fear of being without; dream of seeing or eating stale food–you are feeling emotionally drained; dream of mold on your food–you are susceptible to negative energy around you, get away from it; dream of eating bad tasting food–you have resentment about something going on in your life; dream of burnt food–you are feeling tired and exhausted; dream of fake or plastic food–you are not getting the emotional support you need; dream of hair in your food–you are caught up in some emotional matter that you don’t know how to get out of. (Also see Eating)

Food Court

To dream of a food court is a sign you need to find a way to express your feelings.

Food Fight

To dream of a food fight is a sign you are having some conflicts between your physical and emotional well being, and you have some issues that need to be resolved.

Food Poisoning

To dream of having food poisoning is a sign there is something getting in the way of your emotional well being.

Food Processor

To dream of a food processor is a sign to work on understanding your emotions.

Food Truck

To dream of a food truck is a sign to put more time into your emotional well-being.


To dream of a fool or a minstrel is a sign of the start of a new journey in your life.


To dream that you hurt your foot is a sign your life is not progressing, you are not becoming independent; dream you cut your foot on glass–you are hesitating from reaching your goals and dreams.


To dream of playing football is a sign that money is coming your way; dream of watching football–be careful of who you choose as a friend; dream of mowing a football field–you need to tone down your competitive side.


To dream of footprints is a sign you have a tendency to follow other people’s lead; dream of a woman’s footprints–a new venture will be successful; dream of a man’s footprints–think carefully before making changes; dream of a children’s footprints–your worries will be over; dream of your own footprints–you will be successful.


To dream of hearing footsteps is a sign you are overly anxious about a problem going on in your life.


To dream of a footstool is a sign you need help in order to move forward in your life to reach your goals.


To dream of your forehead is a sign you can’t rely on others for help; dream you soothe someone’s forehead (brow)–love life will be good; dream of a wrinkled forehead–you won’t have any more worries.


To dream of meeting foreigners is a sign you will find some valuables that have been lost; dream of marrying a foreigner–you will have luck in your love life.

Foreign Country

To dream of a foreign country is a sign you are going to be deceived; dream of going to a foreign country–your real happiness is back at home; dream you emigrate to a foreign country–watch your money, you may get some unexpected demands for money.

Foreign Language

To dream of speaking or hearing a foreign language is a sign you need to precise in explaining things to others; dream of studying a foreign language–you have a problem communicating your thoughts to others.


To dream of foreplay is a sign you have some unfulfilled wishes.


To dream of being in or walking through a forest is a sign you are going through some changes in your life; dream of being alone or frightened in a forest–someone close to you will let you down; dream of being lost in a forest–a project of yours will be a success; dream of a forest fire–get your anger under control because it is affecting everyone around you; dream of hiding in a forest–something you find difficult right now will all turn out for the good in the end.

Forest Ranger

To dream of a forest ranger is a sign you are always in control of your emotions. (Also see Park Ranger)


To dream of a forge is a sign you will make steady progress; dream of working in a forge–hard work will solve your money problems; dream of sparks in a forge–if you don’t control your temper there will be fights in your family.


To dream you have committed forgery on some documents or of a signature is a sign you are trying to cover up some mistakes you have made in your life.


To dream that you forget/forgetting things is a sign you have a lot of stress in your life or you forgot an important event; dream you forgot where you live–problems at home and you don’t want to be there; dream you forget a baby–you feel weighed down by the feeling of having to take care of someone.


To dream of eating with a fork is a sign your worries will soon be gone; dream of a garden fork–you need to weed out some people in your life that are not positive influences; dream someone is stabbed with a fork–be sure not to gossip.

Fork in the Road

To dream of a fork in the road is a sign you will have to make a decision very soon; dream of an oak tree in the fork in the road–you will make a decision that will change your life.


To dream of a forklift is a sign you need to do some re-thinking to find solve a problem in your life.


To dream of making a fortune is a sign you have some hidden talents; dream you lost a fortune–you have lost in loved, or missed out on an opportunity.

Fortune Cookie

To dream of a fortune cookie is a sign you are depending on others to give you direction in life.

Fortune Telling

To dream you have your fortune told is a sign your love life will be good, but business will not be good; dream you are doing the fortune telling–your plans will be successful.


To dream of a fountain with water is a sign of happiness; dream of a dry fountain–you will be frustrated.


To dream of a fox is a sign of someone you don’t like and is warning you need to watch out for them; dream of killing a fox–you will be able to outwit someone you dislike.


To dream you have fractured your bone is a sign your sense of power is being threatened.


To dream of having freckles is a sign you are very popular with the opposite sex.


To dream of a freezer is a sign you are too frigid with your feelings.

Freight Train

See Train


To dream of the day of the week Friday is a sign things are looking up for you; dream of you significant other on Friday–this day is very special and personal to the two of you.


See Refrigerator

Fried Food

To dream of fried food is a sign you are looking for comfort and warmth in your life.


To dream of a friend(s) is a sign they are helping you learn more about yourself, and is a sign of positive news ahead; dream of friend(s) from your past–there is a part of yourself that has been lost and you want to find it again; dream of your childhood friend–you want to escape from the stresses of being an adult and want to go back to when someone was taking care of everything for you; dream of your best friend dying–a quality you see in your best friend is dying within you; dream of being angry with a friend–you will gain material things.


To dream of being frightened is a sign you are worrying about something in your life, but those worries will soon go away.


To dream of fringe is a sign you always see the good in people.


To dream of seeing or playing with a Frisbee is a sign you are laid back and not a competitive person.

Frisbee Golf

To dream of playing Frisbee golf is a sign to stay focused on your goals.


To dream of being frisked is a sign you are feeling guilty about something; dream of frisking someone–you have some trust issues; dream of seeing someone getting frisked–you have nothing to hide.


To dream of frogs is a sign that unexpected things could start happening; dream of frogs leaping–you have a hard time committing to something; dream of catching a frog–need to take care of your health; dream of hearing sounds of a frog–you need to finish what you started; dream of eating a frog–you need to complete some tasks that you have been putting off.


To dream of frost on a wall or window is a sign you will have a new and exciting experience; dream of frostbite–be careful in business deals to avoid having any problems.


To dream of frosting is a sign you are very creative and a hard worker.

Frozen Food

To dream about frozen food is a sign you will take an awesome trip or there is a party being planned in your honor.


To dream of a bowl of fruit is a sign your health is very good and your home life is very happy; dream of rotten fruit–you are sad; dream of wild fruit–you will be comfortable financially but never rich; dream of a fruit garden–your hard work will pay off in the end; dream of buying or selling fruit–you are wasting your time; dream of seeing or eating dried fruit–you are concerned about getting old. (See specific types of fruits for more details)


To dream you are feeling frustrated is a sign you are unsure of the direction your life is headed.


To dream of frying anything is a sign your love life is going downhill fast; dream you burn what you are frying–you will soon be comforted but be careful of who is doing the comforting.

Frying Pan

To dream of a frying pan is a sign to take responsibility for your actions.


To dream of buying fudge is a sign your life is going to be challenging for awhile.


To dream of being a fugitive is a sign a big family fight is coming but be sure to keep your temper under control; dream of helping or seeing a fugitive–your integrity may be questioned.


To dream about funerals will usually mean something new and fresh is about to start in your life, or could be an end of a person’s worries, the worries will cease to exist. The dream could also mean prosperity or longevity; dream of your own funeral–your worries will be going away; dream you are at someone else’s funeral–it is time to let go of the past and those old feelings you have been holding on to; dream you are attending the funeral of a still living parent–you need to work on being more independent and get out from under your parents control; dream you are at a funeral of someone you don’t know–you need to let go of some old things in your life in order to make room for new things. (Also see Burial/Buried)

Funeral Car

See Hearse

Funeral Director

To dream of a funeral director or being a funeral director is a sign something new is about to happen in your life.


To dream of fungus is a sign you need to find a way to get rid of negative thoughts and emotions that are going on inside of you.


To dream of a funnel is a sign you will have to figure some things out about yourself; dream of a ship’s funnel–you will be recognized for doing a good job.


To dream of fur is a sign that jealousy from others will cause you some problems; dream of putting a fur coat on–an important relationship at work will turn out well; dream you give a fur as a present–you are wasting time on risky ventures; dream of white fur–you will lose a friend; dream of black fur–your ideas will not work; dream of  brown fur–you will have a lot of drama emotionally; dream of seeing fur in a shop window–your plans will be successful because you have put a lot of thought into the plans; dream of a mink–you are being too greedy; dream of sable–curb your extravagance.


To dream of a furnace is a sign of power and energy.


To dream of buying furniture is a sign you will have to make some uncomfortable adjustments; dream of selling furniture–you will have some money headaches; dream of tatty old furniture–troubles in your love life; dream of moving furniture–you will go out of your way to please people.