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To dream of the letter E is a sign you are feeling very relaxed.


To dream of eagles is a sign of courage and connection to your own spirituality; dream of killing an eagle–sign you will do anything to reach your goals and dreams even if it means hurting others.


To dream of having an earache is a sign you will receive some unwelcome news.


To dream your earlobes are long is a sign you will have a good social life; dream you are stretching your earlobes–you like being different and standing out in the crowd.


To dream of seeing or wearing earmuffs is a sign you only hear what you want to hear.

Earphones (same as Headphones)

To dream of seeing or wearing earphones is a sign no one else has gotten the message, only you.


To dream of earplugs is a sign you want to be alone.


To dream you or someone is wearing earrings is a sign to help out more at work; dream of gold earrings–you will have some temporary setbacks; dream of silver earrings–you are being judged by others; dream of pearl earrings–you will be given some good advice to follow; dream of diamond or any other gem in the earrings–you are being much too lazy these days; dream of broken earrings–you need to listen to someone; dream of buying earrings–your ideas are too extravagant; dream of losing earring(s)–finances are in trouble; dream of finding earring(s)–be careful of a temporary love affair.


To dream of seeing your own ears is a sign to be careful of people around, they don’t have your best interest in mind; dream of other people’s ears–you will be shocked by news coming your way; dream of big ears–you will receive help from an unknown source; dream someone is whispering in your ear–you need to pay more attention to what people are saying to you; dream of bugs coming out of your ears–don’t believe rumors; dream of cleaning wax from ears–you refuse to listen to what others are saying to you; dream of pain in your ears–you will get some bad news; dream your ears are getting red–you are ashamed of something; dream of getting your ears pierced–you have received or given some insulting remarks.


To dream of lying on the earth is a sign you will receive bad news; dream you see yourself being buried in the earth–you are going to win at something; dream of kissing the earth–you are in for some emotional drama and disappointments.


To dream of an earthquake is a sign you must accept some changes coming your way in either a job change or a relationship change, but be assured it is for the best.


To dream of an earthworm is a sign to dig deep to find your true feelings.


To dream of having earwax is a sign you don’t want to hear what others are saying.


To dream of earwigs is a sign someone doesn’t like you and wants to cause you trouble.


To dream of an artist with an easel is a sign life will be smooth sailing.


To dream about Easter is a sign of good things coming your way; dream of an Easter parade–temptation is coming your way.

Easter Egg(s)

To dream of Easter eggs is a sign you are confused about your potential in life.


To dream of eating while you are standing is a sign you are trying to do too much to fast; dream you are eating with your hands–you are tired of your mate; dream of secret eating–you have a longing for the past, but you can’t bring it back; dream of eating alone–you will lose a friend; dream of eating at home–new projects are in the future; dream of eating in a restaurant–problems in your love life; dream of over eating or not eating enough–you feel like something is missing in your life. (Also see Food)

Eating Contest

To dream of eating contest is a sign to stop being such a hermit, you need to get out more.


To dream you are eavesdropping is a sign of bad news coming.


To dream of hearing your own echo is a sign you will experience something very strange with a member of the opposite sex; dream of hearing any other kind of an echo–you will receive a “yes” from a marriage or business proposition.


To dream of an eclipse is a sign you are bored with your sex life; dream of an eclipse of the sun–you have fears of not achieving your goals and having a hard time staying optimistic; dream of an eclipse of the moon–something that has been hidden inside will be coming to the surface; dream the eclipse has passed–you need to look at your problems from many different angles and aspects.


To dream of an editor is a sign you need to pay attention to detail because you are letting things slide too much; dream that you are an editor–expect delays in projects.


To dream of eels is a sign that you are about to switch jobs but be wary of your new boss.


To dream of eating eggs is a sign your health is improving; dream of finding eggs in a nest–a big surprise is coming; dream of broken, cracked, or rotting eggs–a trusted friend will disappoint you; dream of Easter eggs–a celebration is coming; dream of scrambled eggs–you need to accept the consequences for your actions; dream of seeing eggs hatching–your ideas will be recognized and accepted; dream of bright colored eggs–a happy event is coming your way; dream of fish eggs–you will come up with a great idea.

Egg Yolk

To dream of an egg yolk is a sign you are very creative; dream of beating an egg yolk–an awesome business proposal is coming to you.


To dream of seeing or eating eggplant is a sign you are very happy with your life.


To dream of eggshells is a sign to be open to others and let them see who you really are.


To dream of an egret is a sign you are to dependent on others.


To dream of Egypt is a sign of a simpler time in your life.

Eiffel Tower

To dream of the Eiffel Tower is a sign of romance in your life. (Also see Paris)

Eight Ball

To dream of an eight ball is a sign to be strong and take control of things in your life.


To dream of ejaculating is a sign to release and let go of those emotions you are feeling.


To dream of elastic is a sign you will have to stretch yourself to the limit, but you will enjoy it; dream of snapped elastic or rubber bands–someone will be asking you for help. (Also see Rubber Band)


To dream of seeing yourself break an elbow is a sign changes are coming but you will be able to adapt; dream of a swollen elbow–you will have an unpleasant experience.


To dream of an elderly person is a sign of wisdom so you want to listen to what they have to say in your dream.


To dream of an election is a sign you will have much success with your current plans. (Also see Government and Vote/Voting)


To dream of electricity is a sign you need more vigor/energy in your life; dream of turning on the electricity–you can ask for a favor; dream of turning the electricity off–you need to take a break and relax; dream of an electrical power failure–you are wasting time on something, you need a change of direction; dream the electricity has gone out–you need a clearer understanding of a situation; dream of an electric shock–unexpected news is coming; dream of an electrical fuse–you are about to lose something; dream of a live electrical wire–someone will oppose a plan of yours.

Electric Blanket

To dream of an electric blanket is a sign you need to get some rest.

Electric Chair

To dream of an electric chair is a sign something big is about to end in your life.

Electric Fence

To dream of an electric fence is a sign your anger scares people away.

Electric Guitar

To dream of an electric guitar is a sign you find it very easy to tell others how you feel.

Electric Saw

To dream of an electric saw is a sign you know how to get to the root of a problem.


To dream of an electrocution is a sign you will suffer some consequences due to your actions.


To dream of elephants is a sign you are very healthy and your career will be influenced by an important person; dream you are riding an elephant–you have much self control; dream you are afraid of elephants–you are afraid to face something going on in your life.


To dream of going up in an elevator is a sign of increased wealth and social status; dream an elevator is out of control or an elevator crashes through the roof–you are not ready to deal with the power you are about to receive;  dream of going down in an elevator–setbacks are coming your way; dream the elevator is out of order or you can’t get off the elevator–you need to get control of your emotions; dream the elevator is moving sideways–you are going nowhere in your work or relationships.


To dream of an elf is a sign you will be experiencing some bumpy times in your love life.


To dream of an elk is a sign you need to spend more times with friends.


To dream of an elm tree is a sign some bad luck could be coming your way.


To dream you elope is a sign you may split up with your partner; dream of others eloping–someone wants you to take a trip that you don’t want to, don’t go.


To dream you are eloquent is a sign you are ready to take on a new task.


To dream about email is a sign you need to reach out to those you know who are far away.


To dream of an embalming is a sign others will misinterpret your actions. (Also see Cremated/Cremation)


To dream see or drive along an embankment is a sign you are struggling with being successful.


To dream you are embarrassed is a sign you are feeling very insecure these days.


To dream of an embassy is a sign you will meet some influential people.


To dream of an emblem is a sign you have more strength inside of you than you think you do.


To dream of being embraced is a sign not to be impulsive, it will cause you problems; dream of embracing others or watching others embrace–some family fights are coming.


To dream you did some embroidering is a sign you will be very happy; dream others embroider–someone will deceive you.


To dream of an embryo is a sign of new ideas.


To dream of emeralds is a sign of trouble with an inheritance; dream of selling or giving away emeralds–you will separate from a loved one; dream of owning emeralds–good fortune is in the future.


To dream of an emergency is a sign something in your life needs your immediate attention.


To dream you or someone is emigrating is a sign you need to hold on tight to your money, don’t spend unnecessarily.


To dream you are emotionless is a sign you have kept your emotions hidden for such a long time, you need to start opening up more to others.


To dream of having emotions is a sign you feel safe in expressing yourself through your dreams but not in real life.


To dream of an employee is a sign you may have some issues at work; dream you have a new employee–you are discovering new things about yourself.


To dream about your employment is a sign you need to focus more on your professional life; dream of not being employed–you will have some new opportunities coming your way; dream of offering employment to others–be sure not to get too overly confident, could prove to be an expensive lesson; dream your employer is angry–don’t put so much trust in someone you know. (Also see Boss)


To dream of emptiness is a sign of something missing in your life; dream a container is empty–sign of optimism; dream of an empty envelope–you will get out of that depression you have been feeling.

Empty Envelope

To dream of an empty envelope is a sign you will get out of that depression you have been feeling.


To dream of an emu is a sign you are receiving bad advice from a trusted friend.


To dream of the end of something is a sign new things are going to be happening for you; dream of a dead end–you are going nowhere in life, you will want to try something new to make a change for the better.


To dream of someone you know as an enemy is a sign you can count on loyal friends; dream you fight with your enemies–you will make some poor decisions; dream you beat your enemy–you are facing a problem you can’t solve.


To dream of an engagement is a sign you are in for a bumpy ride; dream you are engaged to be married–you want more security in your life; dream you break an engagement–you have made a bad decision on a very important issue; dream of a business engagement–you have concerns about work; dream you are engaged to your father–you want a father figure in your life.

Engagement Ring

To dream of an engagement ring is a sign rivals are around you.


To dream of an engine is a sign of some trials and tribulations coming your way; dream an engine stops–you will be successful; dream the engine is broken–it will take a little longer to reach your goals due to some interference from someone else.; dream of engine exhaust–you will be given some power.


To dream of an engineer is a sign you are taking total control of your life.


To dream of engineering is a sign you are feeling powerful and manipulative.


To dream of being in England is a sign people are jealous of you; dream of taking a trip to England by yourself–you will start a long term relationship; dream of going to England with other people–your future is uncertain; dream of being deported from England–you will be guilty of some foolish actions.


To dream of engraving metal is a sign you are about to change jobs; dream of engraving on wood–you will go to lots of parties in the future; dream of engraving on anything–good things coming your way.


To dream of something being entangled or you are tangled up in something is a sign you have some chaos going on in your life; dream of tangled string or thread–do not get involved in that secret affair you are considering.


To dream of an entrance to a building is a sign you are feeling very insecure these days. (Also see Doors)


To dream of an envelope is a sign you will be faced with an opportunity in your life; dream of an empty envelope–you will get out of that depression you have been feeling; dream of sealed envelopes–you are very busy these days; dream of putting a letter in an envelope–you will find something that has been missing for awhile; dream of opening an envelope–someone is trying to tell you something, be sure to listen.


To dream of the environment is a sign you are feeling a sense of renewal and peace inside you; dream the environment is dry or dead–there are issues in your love life; dream about environmental issues–you are feeling overwhelmed by things out of your control.


To dream that you envy what someone owns is a sign your own wealth will improve; dream that you envy someone’s good looks–you will have a fight with your lover; dream you are envious of others–you are not sure about how you really feel about them; dream you are envied–you will be very much appreciated by them.


To dream of epaulets is a sign you don’t want to be the one to make the decision; dream of epaulets and you are a woman–you will have a sizzling love affair; dream of epaulets and you are a man–you will get a promotion or a pay raise.


To dream of reading an epitaph is a sign your problems aren’t as bad as you thought; dream the epitaph is faded–happy family times ahead.


To dream of crossing the equator is a sign your life will be changing very soon; dream of seeing the equator but fail to cross the equator–make a decision, it will work out for you


To dream of wearing ermine is a sign you will acquire some property; dream of buying ermine–be sure to hold onto your cash; dream of selling ermine–someone will cheat you; dream of others wearing ermine–you will be surrounded by very wealthy people.


To dream of an eruption is a sign you have some major changes going on in your life.


To dream an escalator is going up is a sign success is coming your way; dream an escalator is going down–you will succeed only if you are very determined to do so.


To dream of watching an escape from a prison is a sign you will lose some money; dream in taking part in an escape–you may not achieve your goals; dream of escaping from something, like fire or water–you will make a quick decision but it will be the right decision; dream you fail to escape from something–you will win a fight; dream of escaping from an injury–things will turn out well for you.


To dream of an Eskimo is a sign money will be tight for awhile. (Also see Igloo)


To dream of a lavish estate is a warning sign to stop living a financial life you can’t afford.


To dream of giving a eulogy is a sign not to keep your feelings inside you, be sure to express your feelings; dream of listening to a eulogy–you are learning how to express your feelings; dream you are being eulogized–you are ending old attitudes and outdated beliefs.


To dream of an evacuation is a sign not to do any gambling; dream of being in a town that is being evacuated–you feel like people don’t appreciate you.


To dream of Eve is a sign of troubles in business and social life; dream you are impersonating Eve–you need to be careful how you come across to the opposite sex.

Even Numbers

To dream of even numbers is a sign you have much balance in your life. (Also see Numbers)


To dream of a moonlit evening is a sign you love life is complicated; dream of a dark evening–stop acting like a child; dream of it just being an evening–you still have some hopes to accomplish.


To dream of being evicted is a sign that you feel helpless about something that is going on in your life.


To dream of giving evidence in court is a sign someone needs your help; dream of hearing someone else give evidence–you must watch your back so that no one betrays you.


To dream someone or something is evil is a sign you need to change directions because your current plans aren’t working.


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To dream of seeing or that you are an ex-soldier is a sign you need to make changes to reach your goals.


To dream of passing an exam is a sign all your hopes will be fulfilled; dream of failing an exam–is a warning your ambitions are aimed too high and you should try something else; dream of taking an exam–you have fears of failure.


To dream you or people are excited or there is some excitement going on in your life is a sign you are anticipating some big event or news that is about to happen.


To dream of an execution is a sign you need to get rid of some people and some things in your life; dream you are being executed–you need to get rid of that bad habit of yours.


To dream that you or someone is doing some exercise is a sign you are concerned about how you look and how good your health is.


To dream of an engine exhaust is a sign you will be yielding some power. (Also see Tired)


To dream you are exiled is a sign you are feeling lonely in a new environment. (Also see Banish/Banished)


To dream of any exit is a sign you are looking how to get out of a current situation that you are in.


To dream you or someone is being exorcised is a sign to regain control in order to reach your goals; dream of exorcising someone–you want control of something this person has and you also want in your life; dream of seeing or performing an exorcism–you are stepping up to take control of a situation.


To dream of an explosion is a sign of lasting improvements in every aspect of your life; dream your face has become blackened by an explosion–you will be accused unjustly; dream you are blown up in an explosion–you will be taken advantage of; dream of hearing the sound of an explosion–something will soon be exposed; dream of exploding dynamite–stop those plans you are working on.


To dream you are exploring new lands is a sign to look deep inside yourself to find out what drives you; dream of an explorer–you are frightened of your future; dream you are the explorer–you are very adventurous.


To dream of being on an express train is a sign you are about to make the boss mad; dream an express train passes you by–you have missed out on a good opportunity, you need to pay more attention.

Extension Cord

To dream of an extension cord is a sign you need to be around people with lots of energy.


To dream of an exterminator is a sign you need to get rid of the negative people in your life; dream you are the exterminator–you need to get through your fears and go for the challenges in your future.


To dream of the extraterrestrial being or place is a sign you want to get away from your everyday life. (Also See Aliens)


To dream about your eye(s) is a sign to look inside yourself and to trust your instincts; dream of someone else’s eyes–you have a mutual understanding of each other; dream of your right eye represents the sun and your left eye represents the moon; dream you get something in your eye–be cautious of someone at work because they are trying to trick you; dream you have crossed eyes–luck in money; dream of wide eyes–inheritance is coming; dream of eye boogers or eye discharge–you are not seeing a situation clearly; dream of blue eyes–you will be finding a new friend; dream of red eyeballs–you or someone is very upset and mad; dream of white eyeballs–you or someone is not feeling well; dream of black eyeballs–you or someone lack compassion; dream of dark eyes–a new love affair is coming into your life; dream your eyes have turned back into your head– you need to look within yourself and trust your instincts and intuition; dream of someone with three eyes–you are seeking advice from them; dream you see yourself with three eyes–you need to start trusting your own instincts; dream you see yourself rolling your eyes at someone–you could care less what they have to say; dream of washing your eyes–you are confused about a problem or situation in your life and are looking for clarity; dream one eye is bigger than the other–you don’t like what you see in others; dream your eyes hurt–a relative may say something that may hurt someone; dream you have a glass eye–you are being too vulnerable; dream someone else has a glass eye–you can see right through to their intentions; dream of children with no pupils–someone in your life is not who you thought they were; dream of having one eye–you need to be open to others point of view; dream you have gotten a black eye–you have some issues in your life that you need to figure out; dream you give someone a black eye–you don’t believe in the decision they have made; dream you have injured or closed your eyes–you refuse to see the truth about something going on in your life; dream you are gouging out someone else’s eyes–you fear that they will find out the truth about you; dream your eyes are bleeding–you have some deep pain you have been keeping inside that needs to be resolved.

Eye Drops

To dream of using eye drops is a sign you may not be seeing something that is right in front of you.

Eye Mask

To dream of seeing or wearing an eye mask is a sign you hate confrontation.

Eye Patch

To dream of seeing or wearing an eye patch is a sign you only want to think of your own views and no one else’s.

Eye Shadow

To dream of wearing or putting on eye shadow is a sign you like to be mysterious; dream your eye shadow is over done or the colors are extreme–you are being overly dramatic about something going on in your life.


To dream about bushy eyebrows is a sign money is coming your way; dream of arched eyebrows-a surprise is in store for you; dream of thin eyebrows–you will be disappointed in your business; dream of eyebrows falling out–watch out for your lover they could be two timing you; dream you don’t see any eyebrows–you are not expressing any emotions; dream you have a uni-brow–you need to express your feelings more to people you love.


To dream of wearing eyeglasses is a sign to get a clearer understanding of a situation going on in your life; dream of broken eyeglasses–you need to get your facts straight; dream of 3-D eyeglasses–you need to look at a situation in a different way; dream of buying eyeglasses–you may have to deal with a minor illness. (Also see Spectacles or Sunglasses)


To dream of eyelashes is a sign of good luck; dream of long eyelashes–be ready for an exciting love affair; dream of false eyelashes–a secret will be uncovered and you need help deciding whether to tell anyone about the secret; dream you see someone with no eyelashes–keep confidential information to yourself.


To dream of eyelids is a sign you are about to split up with your mate over a very trivial matter and need to try and work things out; dream of seeing yourself fluttering your eyelids–your generosity is a bit overwhelming.


To dream of wearing or putting on eyeliner is a sign you need to concentrate more on what is going on in your life.


To dream that your eyesight is blurred is a sign you may not be making the right choices.