teeth falling out
Having dreams about losing your teeth, crumbling teeth, cracking teeth, teeth turning black or becoming decayed is a very common dream that many of us have quite often. Dreams about teeth problems can be a sign of some kind of a communication issue you are having or have recently experienced. Teeth relate to what you have said, your speech. You may have failed to give someone your opinion, or you weren’t able to clearly express what you wanted to say. Dreams about black teeth is a sign you said something that made you feel bad or wish you had not said. Dreams of a broken front tooth is a sign that there was a breakdown in communication and you felt your opinion was not taken seriously. Dreams of losing a lot of your teeth is a sign of what you have communicated was very ineffective. You will want to take a look at your communication style and make some major changes.

Dreams about losing your teeth or having your teeth fall out is also a sign of your vanity and appearance. We all want to look good and be attractive to other people. You may be feeling unattractive. These types of dreams can also relate to your personal health which may need to be looked into by getting a check-up.

Dreams about losing a tooth can also be a sign of money coming into your life. When we were young we would receive money under our pillow when we lost a tooth.

When you are looking into your dream about losing teeth be sure to also look at what is going on in your waking life, what kind of changes are taking place, have you just broken off a relationship so you aren’t feeling very good about yourself, have you made a major career move, are you about to give a major speech. All these different things can have an affect on all our dream.




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