Do you dream of being naked? I do! Last night I dreamt I was naked at work. I was going about my daily routine, my boss shows up, I look down and I’m NAKED. What the heck is that all about? I abruptly woke up, looked around to see who saw me naked, and much to my delight and surprise I only saw my bedroom walls. Boy oh boy, what a relief that it was a dream. But what did it mean? Was I responding to a situation where I had disclosed too much about myself, did I feel I didn’t put my best foot forward. I had a deep feeling of embarrassment.

To dream of being naked is quite common and can mean a few things. Do I want freedom? Do I have a fear of being exposed? Am I ashamed? Do I have the desire to be noticed? I looked up nakedness in my Dream dictionary to find that it also can mean that things are about to improve. I am still confused so I needed to call my trusted psychic who helps me work through all the specifics of my dream to determine what my dream really means. Our psychics can help you too. Call 877-742-1105.

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