Welcome to Dreaminista – Your Dream Interpretation Site

Our subconscious needs a way to connect to us, and a dream is one way to get our attention. When we sleep our subconscious has a path to break through our conscious mind barriers. Our subconscious mind is confused as to how to communicate so we get dream symbols and even weird dreams. What does this all mean? How do we interpret a dream?

It is like being at a movie and you get to sit in the front row and either watch or participate. As you watch your dream movie you are constantly wondering what the dream means. To help you remember your dreams and to be able to interpret your dream, keep a Dream Journal. A Dream Journal can be a nice notebook or just loose paper by your bedside. As soon as you wake up write your dream down. Be sure to date your dream journal, write as if you were still in your dream, try to be as specific as possible, like sounds, colors, people, emotions, scenery. By remembering your dreams, will help in the interpretation of the dream, increase your knowledge, your self-awareness and even self-healing. Dreams help to see how we perceive ourselves and can be a source of inspiration, imagination, wisdom, joy and improved psychological health.

Knowing the meaning of dreams and what your dreams try to tell you can help you through difficult decisions, relationship issues, career questions or life struggles. By remembering your dreams and finding out what your dream means can help you to be more confident, assertive and stronger as a person.

You will be able to use your Dream Journal when talking to an expert to help you find the meaning of your dream. Trust me you won’t be able to remember your dreams without writing them down, I tried, it doesn’t work.