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Meaning of Dreams About Flying?

  • Posted on May 28, 2012 at 3:32 pm

What is the meaning of dreams about flying?  It can be a liberating dream if you see yourself flying above everything.  Are you flying in the sky above houses, buildings, in neighborhoods, over trees?  Could mean something is troubling you, you are looking for freedom from something in your life that is holding you back or putting limitations on you, or you are unhappy and not in control of your life – Your self esteem is low.  Meaning of dreams about flying can also talk about your ambitions, your confidence is high, your sexual prowess.  Dreaming of flying can also symbolize your strong mind and will, and you feel that no on can tell you what you cannot do and accomplish, and the meaning of these dreams can leave you with a great sense of freedom.  If you are a man, dreams about flying are usually associated with cravings for sexual thrills or longing for freedom, and is often making up for lack of sexual experience.

Meaning of dreams about flying in an airplane has another set of meanings.   Taking off in any airplane can signal success. You are the pilot something unique is about to happen.  Landing the plane – watch for jealousy from your friends.  Pilot the plane yourself – you are about to achieve something unusual.  Simply traveling in the plane – you will soon have some ups and downs to face.  Being in a plane disaster and surviving – signals financial gains.  Being in a plane disaster and dieing – is a warning to control those passions of yours!

The meaning of dreams is always an individual experience and dream interpretation is very personal.  Dreams of flying are also known as Lucid Dreaming.

Meaning of Characters in Your Dream?

  • Posted on May 20, 2012 at 5:57 pm

Meaning of characters in your dream?  They actually are the actors in your movie and are important and unique to your dream meaning storyline.  Some can mean they are reflections of yourself, of others close to you, and some you don’t know still play a vital role in the meaning of your dream.  Parts of your personality emerge through these characters:  the child, the adult, the coward, the wise self, the hero, an invisible self, members of your family.  They are interpretations who have a piece in working out your struggles and quest for identity and self-acceptance.  They are all different parts of your personality seeking expression and working your life problems and what those problems mean to you.

Meaning of characters in your dream that is a Friend?  Friends will appear in our dreams to interpret different aspects of our personality, expressing attitudes and traits we overly identify with, or we deny.   They can be interpreted as offering us companionship, help us grow by reflecting the pieces of ourselves that need to be integrated.

Meaning of characters in your dream that is a Family Members?  Family members help interpretations of our emotional strongholds that influence our attitudes and self-worth.  A Father in your dream could mean a way of moving outward in the world in the area of personal achievement.  A Mother could mean your nurturing style and emotional tendencies.   Siblings in your dreams usually mean you are working on emotional wounds left over from your childhood, or can mean the close bond your formed out of your common experiences.

Meaning of characters in your dream that is a Romantic Partner?  The interpretation of a lover can be a reflection of your masculine side, for a woman, or your feminine side, for a man.   A romantic partner can also be interpreted as your need for love and intimacy.

It is very important to know that characters have importance in the meaning of your dream, therefore, interpreting each character’s traits, roles, and influence is critical to the dream’s interpretation.

What Your Dreams Try To Tell You?

  • Posted on May 6, 2012 at 4:39 pm

What your dreams try to tell you?  Our subconscious needs a way to connect to us, and a dream is one way to get our attention.  When we sleep our subconscious has a path to break through our conscious mind barriers.  Our subconscious mind is confused as to how to communicate so we get dream symbols and even weird dreams.  What does this all mean?  How do we interpret a dream?

It is like being at a movie film and you get to sit in the front row and either watch or participate.  As you watch your dream movie you are constantly wondering what the dream means.  To help you remember your dreams and to be able to interpret your dream, keep a Dream Journal.  This Dream Journal can be a nice notebook or just loose paper by your bedside.  As soon as you wake up write your dream down.  Be sure to date your dream journal, write as if you were still in your dream, try to be as specific as possible, like sounds, colors, people, emotions, scenery.  By remembering your dreams, will help in the interpretation of the dream, increase your knowledge, your self-awareness, and even self-healing.  Dreams help to see how we perceive ourselves and can be a source of inspiration, imagination, wisdom, joy, and improved psychological health.

Knowing the meaning of dreams and what your dreams try to tell you can help you through difficult decisions, relationship issues, career questions or life struggles.  By remembering your dreams and finding out what your dream means can help you to be more confident, assertive, and stronger as a person.

You will be able to use your Dream Journal when talking to an expert to help you find the meaning of your dream.  Trust me you won’t be able to remember your dreams without writing them down, I tried, it doesn’t work.  Click Below to learn more.

Lucid Dreaming Made Easy
Lucid Dreaming Made Easy