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Meaning of Dreams?

  • Posted on April 28, 2012 at 7:06 am

Meaning of dreams? Do they have a meaning or are they just weird thoughts that ramble through our brains as we sleep? Did you ever have a dream and wake up confused… where you think for a minute it may be true?  The meaning of dreams is something we all consider because they often leave a big impression on our daily thoughts, just as our daily routines affect our dreaming – the two aspects often echoing each other.  Sometimes our unconscious adventures make us laugh, while other times we may awaken feeling confused or disturbed. discovering the meaning of dreams can be a very useful tool for guiding our lives with a little knowledge and help, all of which is available here.

In dreams… the rules of reality do not apply.  Dreams are meant to be interpreted and so “they” say… all have a meaning.

I woke up this morning all disorientated… I had the strangest dream.  I can’t figure out what the dream means……I was at the store, standing in a long line and was getting pretty close to being the next person to be checked out, when another cashier opened up to help people and she took the people behind me.  I was FURIOUS!  I had been in line longer than any of them and should be the next person to be helped.  I started screaming at the cashier that I was next, and I wanted to talk to the store manager.  The store manager arrived and I immediately started yelling  at him that his cashiers need to be trained to make sure the next person in line is helped.   I then woke up before the store manager had a chance to reply. What did the dream mean?  Was I stressed out?  Was I angry at someone I knew? What… What…What…did it mean!

I called my dream expert to find out what this dream meant.  As we talked through the dream I found out it could mean the opposite of what I first thought.  She helped me to understand what the dream truly meant.